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Special Talk: Coyotes in the Presidio

Saturday, May 04, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM At Presidio Officers' Club Offered by:

 Presidio Trust

Coyotes are a natural part of the Presidio’s environment. They are seen regularly in this national park and in other open spaces in urban areas across the country.

For several years, the Presidio Trust has operated an innovative research program to help us understand how coyotes use the Presidio and how we can reduce potential conflict between dogs and coyotes. During coyote pupping season, which typically runs from spring to fall, coyote parents are active around and protective of their den site, and may exhibit defensive behavior toward dogs.

To learn more about our research program and pupping season, please join us for a special talk on coyotes in the Presidio with Wildlife Ecologist Jonathan Young.This event is free and open to all.

At this gathering, we’ll share:

  • How coyotes returned to the Presidio in 2002 and the role they play in the park’s ecosystem
  • What we’re learning through our data collection project, which uses temporary tracking collars to learn more about how coyotes are using the park
  • Efforts to minimize conflicts between coyotes, dogs, and people and to keep residents, employees, and visitors informed
  • What to do if you encounter a coyote
  • How to help us with our monitoring and public education efforts

Learn more about Coyotes in the Presidio, including the Coyotes in the Presidio brochure and Frequently Asked Questions >>