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Presidio Picnic Monthly Cultural Dance Performances

​​​​​​​​​Experience Free Cultural Dance Performances at Presidio Picnic​

Presidio Picnic brings a special focus to the cultures of our diverse Bay Area community by offering free cultural dance performances on the third Sunday of each month from April through October. Performances begin at Noon and 2 pm.

The full schedule will be announced soon.

Flying Angels Chinese Dance Company APRIL 21

The Flying Angels is a dance school that teaches students how to be confident, think of others, and be respectful and careful. They're a company of people passionate about exploring the very rich and colorful world of Chin​ese dance, and sharing their art with others.
Str8jacket STR8JACKET
Founded in 2012, Str8jacket is a dance company based out of the Bay Area promoting creativity, grit, and growth. They aim to develop economic, social, and philosophical change within and for their community. Str8jacket believes every person should be able to grow as a dancer. They work to remove potential barriers to improvement by being a no audition, low tuition, and growth focused dance team.
Krazy 8​​​​KRAZY 8
Krazy 8 is Str8jacket’s youth dance performance team. Based in San Mateo, Krazy8 values hard work and integrity. They began as an experimental junior team under the studio CY Danceworks, and now they are making strides in establishing their own name in the dance community. Krazy8 supports Str8jacket's mission in preserving the HipHop dance culture in the Bay Area. They train in fundamental styles including waacking, locking, bboying, popping, and housing.
Amor Do Samba Group JULY 21

Established in 2011, Amor do Samba is a San Francisco based samba dance and music ensemble dedicated to promoting Afro-Latin culture through the performing arts. They are a samba dance company that delivers pure “alegria”, “joy” with their unrivaled, high energy dance performances. A long time leader and innovator in the sector, we specialize in Brazilian samba most commonly known to the world as the largest party on earth and held annually in Rio de Janiero, and much of South America. They bring high energy samba dance shows with live percussionists and top Latin bands!
Daktari Dance Medicine Collective AUGUST 18

Daktari Dance Medicine Collective (DDMC) is an unapologetically Black+Afrikan collective of divinely-inspired healers who tap into the mediums of drum, dance, ritual, rhythmic breathplay, meditation, mirroring, cleansing, and ubuntu to evoke spiritual liberation and illumination for Black+Afrikan folks all over the globe.
New Style Motherlode SEPTEMBER 15

New Style Motherlode/NSM DANCE is a Bay Area-based hip hop dance studio. NSM’s mission is to promote the arts through educational activities, entertainment, and intercultural exchange in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally and internationally. They specialize in a wide range of dance styles that include Contemporary, Jazz & Modern Fusion, Salsa, Cardio, African styles, Vogue and other Fusion styles.
Manuia Polynesian Revue OCTOBER 20​​

Manuia Polynesian Revue is a professional, family-oriented Polynesian dance group that promotes having fun, performing for the love of dance and giving our members an opportunity to share authentic stories and techniques from the islands. Their repertoire primarily includes music and dances from Samoa, Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, New Zealand and other South Pacific Islands.

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