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      • CANCELED: Poetry Reading - The Fire Thieves: Restoring the Spring

CANCELED: Poetry Reading - The Fire Thieves: Restoring the Spring

Saturday, Apr 11, 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM At Presidio Officers' Club Offered by:

 Presidio Trust

San Francisco Poet Laureate Kim Shuck, who belongs to the northern California Cherokee diaspora, curates an intergenerational poetry reading in celebration of the Presidio’s El Polin Spring. Participating poets range from established superstars like Jennifer Barrone and Maw Shein Win to emerging underrepresented youth.

The reading will offer healing poems, ranging from the ecological restoration of El Polin Spring itself to the physical healing properties of the site, embodied in Barrone’s investigations into Juana Briones. Shuck, also a weaver and bead-work artist, will create nature-themed regalia to be worn by the poets, linked to the pieces they present.

Kim Shuck is a Tsalagi (Cherokee)/Euro-American poet, author, weaver, and bead work artist who draws from Southeastern Native American culture and tradition as well as contemporary urban Indian life. Shuck currently serves as the poet laureate of San Francisco, and in 2019, she was named an Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellow.

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Photo Credits: Doug Salin, Marlin Lum

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