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Trending: The Presidio’s Coyotes When People Aren’t Around

Friday, Apr 19, 2019 Category Nature and Science; Park Management

We’re now in the midst of coyote pupping season in the Presidio, which typically runs from March through September – a time when coyote parents are particularly active around and protective of their den site. Bay Area Nature’s Elizabeth Rogers recently interviewed Presidio Wildlife Ecologist Jonathan Young about coyotes in the Presidio. Rogers reported, “[Coyotes] are not what people think of first when they think of the city, but they’re residents all the same, closely monitored and protected as long as they stay within the park’s borders.”

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Reminder: To help reduce the potential for coyote/dog conflict in the Presidio, we proactively close sections of the Park Trail and the Bay Area Ridge Trail to dog walking during pupping season. This annual closure is temporary; we’ll reopen these trails to dog walking after the most active portion of pupping season is over. As a reminder, pets must always be on leash in the Presidio.

Upcoming: On Saturday, May 4, 10 am to 11:30 am, attend a Special Talk: Coyotes in the Presidio with our wildlife team at the Presidio Officers’ Club. Register to attend here >>

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Photo Credit: Soichi Furuya