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Trending: KQED “Forum on the Road” Visits the Presidio

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Category Entertainment and Culture

​​This month we're celebrating Michael Krasny's 25th anniversary as the host of KQED Forum, and on May 15, "Forum on the Road" was broadcast live from the Presidio Officers' Club. The three-part episode included an interview with Atlantic correspondent and author James Fallows, a special talk with Krasny himself, and an in-depth discussion with Presidio Trust CEO Jean Fraser. Since becoming CEO in July 2016, Fraser has taken the helm on a number of ambitious projects—including the expansion of Crissy Marsh, the development of Fort Scott, and the construction of a 14-acre park on top of the Doyle Drive tunnels. Fraser also discusses a few Presidio Gems: the beloved Hawk Cam, her favorite vocal flock of parrots, and the recent Presidio Bioblitz competition (we beat LA!).​

Hear Presidio Trust CEO Jean Fraser discuss the Presidio's Future with Michael Krasny on "Forum on the Road" >>