Protect Your Car from Theft

Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021 Category Park Management

“Smash and grabs” are up in the Bay Area, and the Presidio is not immune. Protect your vehicle from theft by following these safety guidelines.


  1. Keep Items Out of Sight: Before you get out of your car, make sure items – especially luggage and shopping bags – are out of sight. Never leave anything lying out on the seats, dashboard, or floor.
  2. Take All Electronic Devices with You: Thieves know if you have phones, laptops, computers, or other devices by searching for available Bluetooth networks. Even if your devices are out of sight, thieves can use apps to identify that they’re in your car. Deter theft by taking all electronic devices with you.
  3. Keep a Watchful Eye: While your trunk is better than the passenger compartment for storage, an experienced thief will sometimes stake out a parking lot and watch you transfer your things there. So before you even get to the parking area, move items to the trunk or wherever they’re securely out of sight.
  4. Keep Alert for Signs of Car Thieves: If you observe suspicious activity, trust your instincts by not parking in that area. And never confront anyone by yourself.

For emergency assistance, call (415) 561-5656. For general concerns, call (415) 561-5505.

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