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Presidio’s Greatest Lists: Seven Great Ways to Bike in the Presidio

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Category Recreation and Wellness

We pretty much have it all in the Presidio – within our 1,491 acres, we have beaches, forests, historic buildings, a freshwater lake, three watersheds, and even a campground. Whew!

That means there’s a lot to see, and biking is a wonderful way to experience every bit of this lovely place. There are 25 miles of bikeways in the park, making it possible to get from the Presidio Visitor Center to Crissy Field to the Golden Gate Bridge to Baker Beach in nothing “flat” (sorry, bad tire pun).​

Ready to get started? Read our tips below and check out our Biking page for other great resources.

1. Take Advantage of Presidio Slow Streets

Presidio Slow Street bikers and walkers

The Presidio Slow Streets program was implemented in 2020 to provide additional space for recreation during the COVID pandemic and to create more opportunities for visitors to enjoy the Presidio. Presidio Slow Streets currently include two types of roadways:

  • Recreation Zone (Red) – Vehicles are not permitted.
  • Slow Street Zone (Yellow) – Vehicle access is limited to residents, tenants, deliveries, and emergency vehicles.

Learn more about Slow Streets >>

2. Get the Kids Ready to Roll with Lessons from “YBike Learn to Ride”

YBike Learn to Ride Program

Photo by Charity Vargas

Do you have a kid who’s eager to leave the training wheels behind, but needs help with the basics? Check out the YBike’s Weekend Learn to Ride Program and come learn to ride a bike with the Presidio Community YMCA. They provide bikes, helmets, and equipment – you just bring your game face and a little determination. All ages welcome. No pre-registration is required for this free event; just drop by! Bicycles and helmets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Co-sponsored by the Presidio Trust.

Check out the Presidio YMCA's page for an upcoming YBike event >>

3. Rent a Bike, or Get a Quick Fix

Rent a Bike at Sports Basement

If you don’t own your own wheels, the people at Presidio Sports Basement will hook you up with the perfect bike rental to get you out and exploring. And if you find yourself in need of some emergency maintenance, Roaring Mouse Cycles has experts to get you back up and running in no time. Both of these great organizations are located at the Presidio’s Crissy Field.

4. Try an Electric Bike

Bay Wheel electric bike users

Electric bicycles are a great way to navigate the Presidio's hills. Bay Wheels bike share dockless electric bikes are now available in the Presidio, making it easier to explore some of the park’s sometimes steep 25 miles of terrain. Activated through the Lyft app, those over the age of 18 can use the app to find a bike in a safe location and use an e-bike as an option for getting to and around the park. You can also rent an electric bike at Sports Basement.

5. Rack it up on the PresidiGo Shuttle

PresidiGo Shuttle

If biking to and from the Presidio sounds like too much riding for one day, you can catch a ride on the PresidiGo Shuttle, which offers a free lift from downtown SF to the park every single day. Each bus is equipped with a bike rack that holds two bikes. The Downtown Route has stops at the Embarcadero BART, Transbay Terminal, and the corner of Van Ness and Union. Explore other parts of the park on the Around the Park Shuttle. All PresidiGo routes start at the Transit Center, where you can grab a snack and pop into the Presidio Visitor Center for some tips before beginning your ride.


6. Give it a Rest on a New Bike Rack

bike parking in the Presidio

As much as you like biking the Presidio, sometimes you want to stop and explore on two feet. You’re in luck. The Presidio has dramatically expanded the number of bike racks located around the park (see the map on the SF Bicycle Coalition’s website. Or you can store your bike for a low hourly fee at a secure Bike Link locker on the west side of the Presidio Transit Center. These lockers use "smart cards" to pay for storing the bikes – check out Bike Link’s website to learn more about where to buy a Bike Link card and how to operate the lockers. There are also three Bay Wheels bike share stations in the Presidio to pick-up or return classic bikes: one at the Temporary Transit Center, one at the Tides Converge building, and one on MacArthur Avenue. Both e-bikes & classic bikes can be parked at the stations. While riders must return classic bikes to a station, electric bikes may also be parked at Presidio bike racks. Explore the real-time Bay Wheels map for station and bike locations on their website.

7. Bike Through the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge

Biking through the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge

​Photo by Scott Sawyer

One of the best experiences in the Presidio is a bike ride to the Golden Gate Bridge (actually, this might be one of the best experiences in San Francisco). Whether you’re coming from the Embarcadero, or Golden Gate Park, this is a must and we’ve got some curated bike rides with some great tips, including the routes to take to help you avoid hills and lovely stops for refreshments and overlooks.

Learn more on the Presidio’s biking page >>