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Presidio's Greatest Lists: Five Ways to "Go Green" at Presidio Picnic

Friday, Apr 19, 2019 Category Park Management; Nature and Science

Each week, around 7,000 people hit the Presidio’s Main Parade Ground for one of the City’s tastiest and most fun Sunday activities – Presidio Picnic. For two years in a row we’ve won the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Federal Green Challenge and Outreach award for the work we do to track and divert waste at Presidio Picnic, and it makes a difference! Help us make an impact by helping us be “green” when you visit the Presidio at Presidio Picnic.

1. Recycle and Compost

Waste bins at Presidio Picnic

Many of the food containers used at Presidio Picnic are eco-friendly, so be mindful to make sure you recycle and compost your waste appropriately.

2. “Pack-In and Pack-Out”

Food in compostable containers at Presidio Picnic

Leave no waste behind when you’re visiting the Presidio. This is a beautiful national park site and it’s important to avoid leaving food or trash for wildlife to discover. (Bonus: pick up any stray trash you come across and deposit it in the appropriate bin).

3. Bring Your Own Reusable Bottle and Utensils

reusable bottles on the Main Parade Ground

Did you know there are giant water “monsters” available at Presidio Picnic to help keep you hydrated? We don’t sell plastic bottles of water, but all you need to do is bring a reusable water bottle, fill it up with water from a monster, and you’re set. Vendors avoid using plastic straws, but you can make things easy by bringing your own reusable straw and you’re picnicking in style. There are also reusable items available for purchase at the Presidio Visitor Center with proceeds benefitting the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. 

4. Take Your Bike

Bicycle parking at Presidio Picnic

Help reduce greenhouse emissions – take a bike to Presidio Picnic, and enjoy free bike valet from San Francisco Bike Coalition.

5. Take a Free Shuttle

Bike rack on PresidiGo Shuttle

Get to Presidio Picnic with the PresidioGo shuttle – which runs on compressed natural gas. You can pick up the shuttle at the Embarcadero BART Station, near the Caltrans station, or at a few other pick-up locations in San Francisco.

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Presidio Picnic is presented by the Presidio Trust and Off the Grid.

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