Presidio Like a Pro

Friday, Jun 05, 2020 Category Park Management

​​Many people are looking to their parks as a place to get outside and experience nature during this stressful  time. So it’s more important than ever that we recreate safely and give each other space. Here are ten ways to “Presidio like a Pro.”

If You’re Sick, Stay Home
If you’re ill, rest at home.

Stay Six Feet Apart
Give each other six feet of space and avoid traveling in groups.

Share the Space
Stay aware of others, especially when wearing headphones. Choose less busy trails and visit during off-peak times.

Wear a Face Covering
Wearing a face covering is required when outside in San Francisco and when others not in your household are within 30 feet.

Use Alternative Forms of Transportation
Some Presidio parking lots are closed, and select roadways are closed or slowed (see  Presidio Slow Streets)  – check out our park updates before visiting the park, and bike, walk, or take alternative forms of transportation when possible.

Slow your Roll
When biking or running, keep your speed under control and gently make sure others are aware you’re approaching.

Pack Out Trash
Always carry out your trash.

Watch for Signs + Closures
Follow signs. Avoid closed areas, especially sections of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and Park Trail that are off limits to dogs during coyote pupping season.

Don’t Share Equipment
Don’t share equipment, such as a ​frisbee or soccer ball, with anyone not in your household. Picnic on the lawn or at the beach, but ​avoid picnic tables, benches, and grills.

Protect the Park
Leave the park as you found it, and avoid anything that might cause lasting damage, like placing stakes in the lawns.

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