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Presidio Kids: Exclusive Interview with PBS's Nature Cat

Thursday, Aug 04, 2016 Category Kids and Family; Entertainment and Culture

On Saturday, August 20, from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm at the Presidio Officers' Club, kids (both big and small) are invited to Family Fun Day at the Presidio. Co-sponsored by the Presidio Trust and KQED, here's your chance to experience the Presidio Nature Lab, participate in nature-based craft-making, learn about wildlife at the Roving Ranger truck, AND (most-importantly) meet PBS's Nature Cat!

To learn more about all the fun taking place at Family Fun Day, we got the scoop from Nature Cat.

For people who've never heard of Nature Cat, tell us a little about yourself and your history? For instance, how did you get the word "Nature" in your name?

Just between us, I'm really a house cat named Fred. But when my "family" leaves for the day, I don't want to just sit inside – I want to get out and explore the natural world! So I become my alter ego – the brave, adventurous (and sometimes clumsy) explorer, Nature Cat! Tally hoooooo!  

Why do you think we should care about nature?

Let me count the ways! Seriously, there are so many benefits to being connected to nature. For instance:  


  1. Nature helps you play more creatively
  2. It lowers your stress level
  3. It helps you become healthier and fitter
  4. It helps you develop stronger immune systems
  5. AND it helps you have a greater respect for the world! 

Whew! I could go on and on...

How would you recommend families help get their kids interested in exploring nature?

Just open your door and step outside. Start in your own backyards, nearby parks, beaches, or even cracks in the sidewalk, and just let curiosity be your guide. And don't be afraid to get dirty. By the way, getting dirty is noble and fun. I should know!


What's your favorite nature spot in the Presidio, and why?

Ah, true love gets me every time, so I'd have to say Lovers' Lane, which is the oldest trail in the Presidio. To walk among those amazing beautiful trees, and smell eucalyptus and all the wild berries, just sends my senses into a nature-lovin' tizzy.​​


Tell us more about Family Fun Day at the Presidio Officers' Club? Why do you think this event will appeal to kids?

Besides Presidio Nature Lab, there will be special gifts for the first 200 families. Plus, kids will have the chance to make fun crafts and learn all about wildlife at the Roving Ranger truck. Oh, and they'll get to meet me! I just can't wait to get outside and explore this beautiful national park! Ahem, on a leash, of course. But it'll be great! Come say, hi!