As Seen At: Share Chairs at Presidio Picnic

Friday, Oct 07, 2016 Category Park Management

Have you tried the bright red chairs on the Main Parade Ground?​ In response to visitor feedback about making the large lawn more welcoming and comfortable, we experimented with new seating, affectionately called "Share Chairs." The moveable seating is designed by Gehl, a well-known urban design firm, to be used by kids and adults in multiple configurations.

We launched the chairs in October 2016 and received great feedback from guests at Presidio Picnic that year.

We'd like to hear from you, too – so come out and try them for yourself! Let us know what you think by emailing We also invite you to take a photo of you and your family using the chairs, and then share it at #PresidioSF. Learn more about "Share Chairs" and the Main Parade Ground >>

At Presidio Picnic, we asked guests, "What do you think about our new Share Chairs?"

Shelly Seitz and Sally Ashley

Shelly and Sally

Shelly (Brownsburg, Indiana): The picnic has been fabulous – it's our first time here and we love it. And we love these chairs – they're super supportive, especially for people with back issues.

Sally (Brownsburg, Indiana): I really like these chairs – they're very comfortable!

Lupe, Olga, and Lupe Anaya

Lupe, Olga, and Lupe Anaya with Presidio Picnic message

Olga Anaya (Monteca, CA): We love the new chairs! They're really light-weight and I just realized they could be turned around and reconfigured as a bed.

Lupe Anaya (Monteca, CA): The chairs are really nice.

Mason Naniola (6), Caydence Eggen (9), Kira Madrid (9), Kylie Madrid (11), Camille Eggen (11), and Caden Madrid (7)

Group of kids using Share Chairs

All the kids (San Francisco): We love the chairs!

Mani Kashani (San Francisco), Sarah Bales (San Francisco), Amr Noureldin (San Francisco), Maral Esteghlalian, and Simon Sadat-Ketavchi

Group using a Share Chair

Maral (Portland, OR): We’re not from the Bay Area, so we’ve never even been to the Presidio before. But we’re enjoying Presidio Picnic, and the chairs are cool!

Simon (Portland, OR): I like how you can turn the chairs over so it can be one chair or it could be two – they're versatile. 

Erin Zhau and JJ Lara

A woman, man, and two dogs on Share Chair

Erin (San Francisco): I think these chairs are awesome and they look really nice too! The red color looks really good against the green grass. It gives the lawn an added "pop" of color.

JJ (San Francisco): I'm enjoying these chairs – they're really comfortable. And they're dual-purpose because you can flip them around for more seating. ​