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As Seen At: Presidio Visits “Sunday Streets” and Other San Francisco Community Festivals

Thursday, Aug 17, 2017 Category Recreation and Wellness

​​​​​​This summer and fall the Presidio has been “taking it to the streets” – our mobile Roving Ranger is visiting neighborhoods across San Francisco to spread the word about the Presidio in our community. We’re bringing maps of the park, Presidio Visitor Guides, Family Fun Guides, info about the entire Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and much more! The Roving Ranger is staffed by the Presidio Trust, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and the National Park Service.

So far, we’ve visited Sunday Streets in the Mission, Tenderloin, and Western Addition, at the Nihonmachi Street Fair in Japantown, and at the Giant Race. There's one more chance this season to come say hello and learn about that Presidio Sunday Streets – Excelsior, October 1, 2017. Come on out!

At the Sunday Streets in the Mission on July 16th, people discovered their animal mascot, got a temporary tatoo, and checked out all the Presidio materials. We asked them, “What did you learn today about the Presidio?”

Norma and Natalie​

Norma and Natalie and Sunday Streets

Natalie: Yay – my animal mascot is a starfish!

Norma: I learned I don’t have to leave the city to go to a national park since the Presidio is right here in San Francisco. I also learned there are paths to hike and plenty of places to visit, like the new Presidio Visitor Center.

Clint and RJ

Clint and RJ at Sunday Streets

Clint: I learned we can visit the Presidio at any time and that we should invite our friends! My spirit animal is the Mission blue butterfly.

RJ: I learned there’s an Officers’ Club museum and cultural center in the Presidio that I never even knew about, and that I can go to free events there and see things like the EXCLUSION exhibition there. My animal mascot is the San Francisco garter snake.

Aurelia and Una

Aurelia and Una at Sunday Streets

Aurelia: My animal mascot is the gray fox.

Una: I’m a butterfly.

Thomas and Yvette

Thomas and Yvette at Sunday Streets

Thomas: I was interested in learning more about the different hiking trails in the park, so they gave me a Presidio Visitor Guide to help me figure it out. That’s what I’ve been really looking forward to – doing some hiking!

Yvette: I looked at the maps available and discovered some of the easier hiking trails that I can do. It was also interesting to hear about the events and different places to see in the Presidio, like the Andy Goldsworthy art pieces. I also didn’t know how big the park is and that there are so many things to do all the time!

Kylie and her Little Sister

Kylie and her Little Sister at Sunday Streets

Kylie (right): My animal mascot is the red-legged frog – see? Look at my tattoo!