As Seen At: Presidio Venue Open House

Thursday, Feb 02, 2017 Category Food and Drink

A log cabin from the 1930s. A historic enlisted men's service club overlooking San Francisco Bay. A Spanish mission revival chapel on the hill. What do these places have in common? They're all spaces where you could tie the knot, throw a party, or host a business gathering, and they're all here in the Presidio.

In 2017, we began a series of open houses so the newly engaged – and event planners of all kinds – could discover unique places in the park for their special days. Hear from guests who attended Presidio Celebrations Showcase to learn what they discovered in the Presidio.

Glen Gibb and Yoona Kang (Menlo Park and San Francisco)

Glen Gibb and Yoona Kang

Yoona: We're having our actual ceremony in Korea (where I'm from) on May 27. Not many of our American friends can come to that, so we're looking for a place to have a reception here in San Francisco in late July.

Glen: We got engaged shortly before Thanksgiving, and we are looking at venues to host our reception. We thought this was a good opportunity to check out the Presidio and meet the vendors, too.

Gerald Pilare and Joy Gutierrez-Pilare (Daly City)

Gerald Pilare and Joy Gutierrez-Pilare

Joy: We're actually here today because we're looking for a venue for my work. We love the Log Cabin – it's gorgeous! We have multiple events during the year so we're often looking for different sized venues.

Gerald: When weather permits and it's nice outside, we usually do a day trip to the City and we used to come here a lot with the kids when they were younger. Now they're young adults! But we still love it here – the views are hard to beat.

Andrea Olmos and Anand Desai (San Francisco)

Andrea Olmos and Anand Desai

Anand: We've been to the Presidio a few times and – especially when the weather's nice – it's a really great place to be.

Andrea: We wanted to look at the Log Cabin and a few other venues here in the Presidio. We haven't set a date, yet, but we're looking for early 2018.

David Fang and Megan Schumann (Pacific Heights)

David Fang and Megan Schumann

Megan: We like to go on runs through the Presidio.

David: We probably come here once a week, so we're here pretty often.

Megan: We've just started looking for wedding venues. We thought this would be a good chance to see the differences between each of the styles of the park's venues. We're hoping to get married sometime in October or November.

Suzanne Casazza and Alex Thompson (The Sunset)

Suzanne Casazza and Alex Thompson

Suzanne: We've driven through the Presidio a few times – it's so beautiful. My cousin actually got married here 10 years ago.

Alex: We hope to get married sometime after the first of next year, so we're checking out the venues today.