As Seen At: Presidio Picnic

Friday, Jul 08, 2016 Category Kids and Family; Food and Drink; Entertainment and Culture

July 2016: Presidio Picnic – What do you like best about Presidio Picnic?

San Francisco summers are all about Presidio Picnic, now in its fourth season. It's the perfect way for people to gather, blanket in tow, to nosh on snacks and take in breath-taking view of San Francisco Bay.

Now that 2016 season is fully underway, we asked guests, "What do you like best about Presidio Picnic?"

Presidio Picnic is sponsored by the Presidio Trust and Off the Grid and takes place every Sunday through October 9, 2016, 11 am to 4 pm on the Main Parade Ground. For more information, check out how to get to the Presidio on the free PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle or via Public Transit.

Pallavi Kuppa-Apte, Michael Neuberger, Annie Portland, Karen Goldschlager, and Chandra Nagaraj

Annie Portland(Boston): The best part is the food! The selection is fantastic, and there's a huge variety.

Pallavi Kuppa-Apte (San Francisco): The Food was so good – we got the pizza AND the fried chicken. Both were delicious.

Karen Goldschlager (San Francisco): I think the best part is being in the park with my friends.

Michael Neuberger(San Francisco): Yes – we're here for the good food, good company, and good weather.

Chandra Nagaraj (San Francisco): The dogs are my favorite.

Monique Manjarrez and Becca Murray

Monique Manjarrez (Fremont): I like that it’s very casual and laid back here. The weather is great, and the view is beautiful. Seriously, you can’t beat the view. This is my first time at Presidio Picnic, but I once came to the Walt Disney Family Museum, and my kids and I noticed what was going on, and we thought, “Oh, we have to remember to come to that!” And then I saw it on Facebook, so here we are.

Becca Murray (Pleasanton): I like the view, the company, and the food I'm going to go get! I came specifically because Bacon Bacon was here. They're my favorite.

Katie McDermid, Baby Malcom, and Mary McDermid

Mary McDermid (Minneapolis, holding baby Malcom, four months): I'm here to celebrate my granddaughter's 3rd birthday, but I'm just thoroughly enjoying this gorgeous day with all these people. I feel like the people, the energy, and the community it's generating is quite phenomenal.

Katie McDermid (San Francisco): Presidio Picnic is a great place to bring my kids. And we meet up with a lot of our preschool friends here – it's super fun for all of them to run around together. It's also got great food for both parents and kids alike. 


Sky Sajous with dogs, Dash (in basketball jersey) and Lily (in polka dot dress)

Skye Sajous (San Carlos): I really like the food – you never get this type of food in other places. And I really just enjoy the environment and having all the people around. It's just a very inviting place.

Adam Davis and son Ezra

Adam Davis (The Richmond, San Francisco): I like that it's kid-friendly here.

Hercules, the dog

Hercules (San Francisco): Woof!