Recreation and Wellness

We live in frenzied times, especially here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Between fighting traffic on the freeway, putting food on the table for the family, and battling the siren song of our smartphones, it's hard to find time to get outdoors. Luckily the Presidio has 1,500 acres for you to exercise, play, and get away from it all. Start moving on the Presidio's 24-mile trail network​ or pedaling on the park's 15 miles of bikeways. You'll get close to nature, get your pulse moving, and may​ even drop a pound or two. Don't forget to stop for a rest at a scenic overlook​. Even taking in the sun at Baker Beach could lower your blood pressure. There are also spas, yoga studios, a rock climbing gym, and even a golf course​, if that's more your speed. It's not what you do - just that you do something! The road – or trail – to wellness begins here.​​