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Presidio Nursery
The Presidio Nursery nurtures not only thousands of plants, but also hundreds of volunteers and youth from throughout the Bay Area. Founded in the spring of 1995, the nursery is a vibrant collaborative effort of three agencies: the Presidio Trust, National Park Service, and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Together they support the nursery’s goal of restoration within the Presidio. In 2012, the nursery grew 120,000 plants—twice its usual number!
In addition, the Presidio Nursery grows many trees to support the Presidio reforestation effort, including about 300 Monterey cypress trees each year. The nursery also nurtures native trees such as Coast live oak, Wax myrtle, and California buckeye.
The nursery is a lively complex with greenhouses and shade houses filled with plants, an educational garden, the Habitarium where volunteers meet, and a lab for more detailed study. Visitors to the park can stop by to volunteer on certain days or to explore. For those just passing through, there are educational signs as well as staff and interns on site.
The nursery is located at 1249a Appleton Street, in the Fort Scott District.
Presidio Nursery is often bustling with activity as community volunteers, school groups, and service organizations join staff and interns to collect seeds, transplant seedlings, work on the native plant garden, wash pots, and maintain nursery facilities. Whether looking to regularly put in hours or just drop by for an afternoon, volunteers without any experience are welcomed into this enthusiastic community of park lovers.
Drop-In Programs
Individuals and small groups can participate in the Presidio Plant Nursery drop-in program every Wednesday and Saturday, 1 to 4 pm.
Group Service Projects
To schedule a group program, contact the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy Volunteer Coordinator at (415) 561-3077 or
Seed Collection
Nursery staff and volunteers spend thousands of hours each year collecting seeds, cuttings, and bulbs of more than 200 species throughout the Presidio, from residential neighborhoods to natural areas. Collected according to strict ecological standards to protect the biological integrity of the park, the seeds are key to revitalizing the park with native plants, which attract abundant wildlife to the Presidio. Once seeds are collected, they are diligently tended to by nursery staff. Many native species have never before been grown in a nursery, and the staff is pioneering the care of these plants.
Future Plans
In the future, the Presidio Nursery plans to expand into the Presidio Stewardship and Sustainability Center. Current nursery operations would continue and expand, allowing for more plants to be grown and more educational opportunities for children and families.The scope of the facility will be expanded to house Presidio sustainability programs such as composting, water and energy conservation, recycling, integrated pest management, and other holistic gardening strategies.
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A table covered in flats that hold several species of young seedlings in the new shadehouse at the Presidio Nursery.

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