About the Project

Welcome to the Presidio Tunnel Tops.

​​This new park destination is where visitors will connect with nature and the outdoors, where kids will play and grow, and where all of us will be inspired by 360-degree views that were never before possible. The Presidio Tunnel Tops will be where we can escape from the stresses of urban life without ever leaving the city we love.

What is the Opportunity?

Twenty-five years ago, visionary Bay Area leaders, urban planners, and citizens were faced with replacing the seismically unsafe Doyle Drive, a highway to the Golden Gate Bridge that divided the Presidio’s waterfront from its historic core. The community did not seek to rebuild a freeway – it dreamed of moving the road underground into tunnels so that a powerful new experience of the Presidio and San Francisco Bay could take shape above. Today, Doyle Drive has given way to the elegant Presidio Parkway. We’re now poised to fulfill the vision of a generation – to create a 14-acre green space atop the new roadway tunnels – replacing a freeway with free play.

Escape into Views, Nature, and Play

​​Thoughtfully designed by James Corner Field Operations (the firm behind New York’s High Line), the Presidio Tunnel Tops will feature scenic overlooks, paths and gardens, a community plaza with food and services, a campfire circle and picnic grounds, and an interactive “playscape” where kids can explore nature. It will be San Francisco’s backyard…where everyone can escape and recharge. Located at the center of the Presidio, a national park in the heart of the Bay Area, the Tunnel Tops will be a welcoming refuge where we can slow down, live in the moment, regain our sense of wellbeing, and re-connect with ourselves and each other.




http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/welcome_gather.jpgPresidio Visitor Center - Opening in February 2017, the Presidio Visitor Center will be the starting point for your park adventure. Get introduced to the Presidio through videos and interactive exhibits, and discover ideas for exploring all the events, trails, and destinations the 1,500-acre Presidio offers.Welcome + Gather
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/welcome_gather_2.jpgCommunity Plaza - Surrounding the Presidio Visitor Center, a new plaza will welcome all. This is where you can gather with family and friends for picnicking, guided walks and programs, and even to hear a story at the communal campfire circle. You’ll also find services such as food, restrooms, park shuttles, and maps.Welcome + Gather
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/inspire_recharge.jpgOverlooks – From three vantage points take in awe-inspiring 360-degree views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the bay, the city skyline, and the Presidio. It’s like nothing else you can experience in San Francisco.Inspire + Recharge
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/inspire_recharge_2.jpgWest Lawn - This open field will be the ideal place to sit, relax, enjoy the open panorama, and even fly a kite. Here you can enjoy alone time and relaxation, or join in park events and activities.Inspire + Recharge
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/inspire_recharge_3.jpgCliff Walk - The Cliff Walk will be the “must see” moment of your Presidio Tunnel Tops visit. Walk along the edge of the earth to take in the inspirational waterfront views, or relax on a series of benches.Inspire + Recharge
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/inspire_recharge_4.jpgGardens - Ornamental gardens will feature a rich mix of native and drought tolerant adapted species of flowering shrubs, succulents, perennials, and bulbs. Return again and again to enjoy an ever-changing seasonal display of color.Inspire + Recharge
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/inspire_recharge_5.jpgMeadows - The open and serene meadows will invite you to relax and exhale as you watch the tall grasses sway with the bay breezes.Inspire + Recharge
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/play_grow.jpgPlayscape - The entire family will enjoy a playful three-acre landscape where kids can connect with nature, experience the joy of self-discovery, and spark a life-long love of the outdoors. Be guided by touch, feel, and sound in a safe park environment where everyone can exercise their bodies, imaginations, and minds.Play + Grow
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/play_grow_2.jpgCrissy Field Center - A newly-renovated Crissy Field Center will include new classrooms and lab facilities, and a seamless connection with the outdoors at the surrounding playscape. Programs  have the goal of reaching every child in San Francisco.Play + Grow
http://www.presidio.gov/tunnel-tops/about-internal/PublishingImages/Features/play_grow_3.jpgBluff Walk - An inviting east/west pathway just above the Outpost Playscape will traverse the 25-foot embankment, offering spectacular views of Crissy Marsh and San Francisco Bay. The accessible wide path welcomes strollers and is surrounded by lush areas of native vegetation.Play + Grow