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Major Changes - Around the Park Shuttle

Begins Friday, April 20

  • Around the Park Shuttle Breaks into Two Routes
  • New Schedules and Stops
  • Improved Weekend Service
  • No changes to PresidiGo Downtown schedule



What’s Happening?

Starting the morning of Friday, April 20, the PresidiGo Around the Park Shuttle will split into two routes: the Crissy Field Route and the Presidio Hills Route.


These changes take into account upcoming road closures related to the Doyle Drive construction project. The new routes will also improve the shuttle system’s on-time performance and reliability and will enhance transit connections around the Presidio.


Both shuttles will remain free and will continue to provide service to the park every 30 minutes. Although these routes will serve separate areas of the park, both will start and end at the Presidio Transit Center on the Main Post and will make a coordinated transfer with the PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle. There are no changes to Downtown Shuttle service or schedule.



Crissy Field Route

Route Serves: Park Boulevard, Fort Scott, Golden Gate Bridge, Cavalry Stables, Crissy Field, Palace of Fine Arts, Letterman District, and the Presidio Transit Center




A map of the Crissy Field bus route that runs through the north half of the park.

Presidio Hills Route

Bi-directional route serving: Letterman District, Main Post, Inspiration Point, East and West Washington, 25th Avenue, Baker Beach, Public Health Service District/Presidio Landmark


A map of the Presidio Hills bus route that runs through the southern half of the Presidio in a loop.


Please Also Note: For the next several weeks the Crissy Field Route will turn around when it reaches the Crissy Field Center stop and will then express (no stops) to the Transit Center.  We are waiting for the City of San Francisco to complete two construction projects at the intersections of Marina and Palace Drive and Richardson and Gorgas that will allow us to complete the last leg of the shuttle loop shown in the schedule. This detour will impact service at several newer stops near the Palace of Fine Arts and along Gorgas Ave. It will not affect the timing of trips going to the Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field, or the Transit Center and will not impact transfers with other PresidiGo routes.
A map of temporary changes in the Crissy Field route indicating stops not served between Crissy Field Center and Transit Center.


Shuttle Stop Changes - Locations + Names

In most cases, service has been maintained at existing shuttle stops. However, there are several instances where stops have been added, moved, or eliminated. All stops will be served every 30 minutes but the times when the shuttle arrives at a particular stop have changed. Please examine the new route schedule and map to determine what stop works for your trip and when to expect the shuttle. You may also notice changes to the stop information sticker posted at your stop. Please note that we are transitioning away from using stop numbers to identify stops. The schedule, online tracking system, and the stop information sticker will all reflect the new stop names.


Improved Weekend Service

Both the Crissy Field and Presidio Hills routes will serve the same stops on weekdays and weekends. On weekends, both routes will provide half hour service with the first trip leaving the Transit Center at 11 am and the last trip leaving the Transit Center at 6:30 pm.
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If you have questions or comments about these upcoming changes, please contact the Presidio Trust Transportation Department at (415) 561-2739 or
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