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City CarShare Program in the Presidio
Google map with pointers indicating City CarShare pick up and drop off locations in the Presidio.

Do you work or live in the Presidio? The bus and Presidigo shuttle are great ways to get around, but there are also times when you just need a car. For those times, City CarShare offers three drop-off and pickup locations in the park:

  • 1080 Torney Avenue (Lincoln and Torney, indicator in the upper right hand corner of the map) - Get Directions
  • 20 Keyes Avenue (Main Post, middle indicator on the map) - Get Directions
  • 1801 Wedemeyer Street (Landmark Apartments, indicator in the lower left corner of the map) - Get Directions


How does City CarShare Work?

City CarShare has 20 different car models you can "rent" for a set period of time and pick up at a convenient location. The organization is the only local, nonprofit carsharing program in the Bay Area. Look up pricing and learn about City CarShare benefits here.

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