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Bike Link Lockers
A photo of the bike link lockers adjacent to the red brick bank and post office, with parking in the background.

Bike Link is a smart, on demand bike parking system that offers secure bike parking at the Presidio Transit Center (215 Lincoln Boulevard, next to the U.S. Post Office parking lot). In the Presidio it is comprised of eight secure electronic bike lockers available for use on an hourly basis. The cost is four cents per hour (with the first 3 hours free). The lockers use a web based system that puts value on a “smart card.” The card is used to access the locker.


How to Sign Up

  • If you are already in the park, you may pick a card up at the Transit Café. Otherwise, you may get a card at, or call (888) 540-0546. The card will arrive by mail.
  • Insert card into slot at the front of the locker and follow on-screen directions about how to add value.
  • The door will open when you have completed the on-screen directions. Then put your bike in the locker and close the door.
  • Remove your card. Use the card to retrieve your bicycle upon return.
  • To get the bike out, put the card in the slot; when the transaction is complete the door will open. Remove the bike, close the door, and retrieve the card.
  • The card will get you into lockers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit to learn more.
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