From Saving to Sharing the Presidio


From 1998 to 2013, the Presidio Trust was focused on a big but bounded challenge: revitalizing and repurposing the Presidio while becoming financially self-sustaining as mandated by Congress. With that mission achieved, we now have a singular opportunity to build on the Presidio's character to create an inspired public place for our generation and those that follow. If the last two decades have been largely about saving the Presidio, the next two decades are about sharing it.

Published in 2015, Strategy 2020 lays out a vision for unleashing the potential of the Presidio to provide lasting benefit to the American people. Built upon our legislative mandate, our track record, and our competencies, Strategy 2020 defines our five year focus.

The document articulates our vision for making the Presidio welcoming to all and for creating positive impact that can be felt by people within and beyond our gates. It is also grounded in the e​ssentials: maintaining and improving this beautiful place, funding our vision, strengthening our organization, and working effectively with our partners.

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