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KIDS on Trails
A photo of a boy wearing a cap holding the Kids on Trails Guide.KIDS on Trails is a self-guided program for children ages 5-10 years (grades K-4) and accompanying adults to encourage learning and recreation outdoors in the park.
There are two KIDS on Trails guides. The Ecology Trail booklet inspires an appreciation for the park's natural wonders and help kids connect to the environment. The Anza Trail booklet takes kids back in time and focuses on the natural and cultural history of Mountain Lake. Each offers kid-friendly activities, site-based experiences, tips for adults, and a trail map.
School Field Trips: To plan a class field trip using the KIDS on Trails program, contact the Presidio Trust and schedule a visit. Please specify Ecology or Anza Trail, and the Trust will make the correct books available for your class. An adult/child ration of 1/5 is recommended. Teachers are encouraged to visit the site prior to the field trip. Please inquire about current trail conditions to avoid temporary closures. Presidio staff is available on a limited basis to provide a brief welcome and orientation for your group. School contact: Lisa Hillstrom, Presidio Trust, or (415) 561-2703.
Grades: K-4
Cost: Free
Time: Approximately 1 hour (one way)
California State Content Standards History/Social Science: K.4, K.6, 1.2, 1.4, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2
California State Content Standards Science: Life Sciences K-5; Investigation + Experimentation K-2

Kids on Trails - Ecology Trail


Kids on Trails - Mountain Lake / Anza Trail

Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails for Families
The Presidio is participating in the National Wildlife Federation’s “Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails,” a new family friendly, wildlife-themed, outdoor treasure hunt happening in parks nation-wide.
Geocaching is a popular form of outdoor recreation whereby hidden “caches” (typically small boxes) are discovered using GPS technology. Here in the Presidio families have two options to participate:
A cartoon of Ranger Rick. 
  •  Without GPS, use the map and clues by downloading the Presidio Geocache Passport
  • Using GPS-enabled devices, seek and find hidden geocaches on trails at three special less well known parts of the park. Download a map with GPS coordinates. The coordinates can also be downloaded from the website:
Mountain Lake Mystery (
Dunes & Hospital Cemetery Vista (
Lobos Dunes Boardwalk Bounty (




Please remember to stay on official park trails and leave no trace!

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