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A Lovers’ Line - Audio Art Experience
A Self-Guided Walk through Time on Lovers’ Lane
Lovers’ Lane is the Presidio's oldest foot trail. For more than two centuries people have made their way to and from the Presidio and San Francisco along this scenic, romantic path.
An art-based audio experience, A Lovers’ Line, offers a series of perspectives on the trail. The project was created by local artist Jeannene Przyblyski.
Przyblyski is a professor at the San Francisco Art Institute and executive director of the San Francisco Bureau of Urban Secrets, a visual arts and urbanism think tank that promotes art in city life. She created a similar art experience at Lands End that used the Coastal Trail as a backdrop to explore ever-changing history, geology, and ecology along San Francisco’s western edge.
"A Lovers’ Line provides pieces of several stories about the Presidio and asks listeners to put them together in their mind as they walk the lane,” said Przyblyski. “Think of it as a way of meditating on history."
The stories overlap and intermingle with a cast of characters including the missionary, the soldier, the military wife, the translator, the dreamer, the hawk and the dove, the wayward trees, and the springs of the Tennessee Hollow Watershed.
“Working in the national parks around San Francisco is a great pleasure and a great challenge,” said Przyblyski. “My work isn’t about giving people one story about how these places came to be, but rather asking them to make connections between the many stories still living in the landscape and the present day.”
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Track 1: Intro by Our Agent, c. 2009
Track 2: The Missionary & the Native Plants, c. 1778
Track 3: The Explorer in Uncharted Territory, c. 1806
Track 4: Juana Briones & the Sum of Possibilities, c. 1825
Track 5: Deserters & Dreamers, c. 1849
Track 6: The Migration of the Trees (Arbor Days), c. 1886
Track 7: The Buffalo Soldier, on Patrol, c. 1903
Track 8: Puppy Dog Tales, c. 1923
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