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1818 and 1819 Wedemeyer Street
Property Description
The Presidio Trust is pleased to offer Building 1818 and Building1819, both located on Wedemeyer Street, for redevelopment and lease. Built circa 1932, these buildings total approximately 9,264 gross square feet and are offered for residential, educational or child care uses.
This development opportunity requires a tenant-funded renovation prior to occupancy. The required capital investment may be used to offset rent payments, as rent credits.
The buildings are located in the Public Health Service District behind the Presidio Landmark residential community. The site is well served by the free PresidiGo Shuttle and has been extensively enhanced in recent years.
The Presidio Trust is committed to minimizing private automobile use, increasing the use of public transit, and encouraging pedestrian and bicycle travel. The Presidio Trust requires all Presidio tenants to participate in the Presidio’s Transportation Demand Management Program with the goal of reducing parking and vehicle trips.

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In addition to base rent, Tenant is responsible for all operating expenses including utilities, insurance, maintenance, and Service District Charge (SDC). SDC is a reimbursement to the Presidio Trust for a portion of municipal services such as police, fire, as well as road and infrastructure maintenance. Tenants are charged a pro rata portion of such costs based on occupied square footage. Current SDC is estimated at $4.78 per rentable  square feet per year, subject to annual adjustment.
The Presidio Trust will pay commissions to procuring brokers who are involved in the transaction. Procuring cause will include, but not be limited to, the following:
• broker must accompany the clients on the initial visit to the Presidio
• broker must provide written confirmation of an agreement between broker and tenant
• broker must have a continuing involvement in the transaction
Tenant Selection Criteria
  • Responsiveness to the Trust's stated project objectives
  • Consistency with the planning principles and preferred uses articulated in the Presidio Trust Management Plan, contribution to the visitor experience, and responsiveness to the general objectives of the General Management Plan Amendment for the Presidio
  • Compatibility with the building treatment recommendations
  • Qualifications and experience of the respondents
  • Financial capability of respondents
  • Respondent's business plan, proposed deal terms, and economic benefit to the Presidio Trust




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Property Details
Available Development Opportunity
Square Feet 7,724
Divisible? Not Divisible
Floors 2
Uses Child Care, Educational, Residential
Term Negotiable
Rent Rate Market rate base rent NNN lease, negotiable

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