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Utility Billing Online

​Bills for utilities and communications can be paid online. Below are the steps to receive your bills and make payments online.



Sign Up for Electronic Billing
Send an email to from the email account where you would like to receive the invoice (it will be sent as a pdf attachment). The format will be exactly the same as your current paper bill.
Please include your account number and/or service address.
We will confirm the receipt of the information.
You will continue to receive a paper bill for one month as a backup.
You may also provide this information by telephone by calling our Customer Service line at (415) 561-4112.
Sign Up for Electronic Payment
Visit the U.S. Treasury’s central site for electronic payments to make a utility payment.
Fill out the form:  name, address, etc. Please include your account number to make sure we properly credit your account. You can pay from a checking/savings account or use a credit card.
You may want to register as a user. You can then save your form to use for future payments. You may also save payment information (account numbers) to eliminate reentry on future payments. If your amount billed is always the same, you can set up recurring payments.
If you have questions, please contact us at or (415) 561-4112.
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