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Presidio-based Employee Housing Programs
The Presidio Trust offers a housing preference to full-time, non-temporary, Presidio-based employees. A Presidio-based employee is someone who works a minimum of 32 hours per week for a business, organization, or institution located in the park (as certified by the Presidio Trust).
In an effort to accommodate our broad community, the Trust currently offers three Presidio-based employee housing programs: the Preferred Rental Program, the Public Safety Housing Program, and Letterman Apartments. See below for details. To apply for a program, contact Presidio Residences.
Please note that all Presidio employees are eligible to apply for any market rate housing unit.
Preferred Rental Program
Presidio-based employees receive first priority for housing in the Presidio. One of the ways we encourage Presidio-based employees to live in the Presidio is through the Preferred Rental Program. This income-based program is available to people who work full-time in the Presidio and earn a combined household income of up to 100% of the area median income (AMI)*. The program is available in five neighborhoods:
In an effort to ensure a fair distribution of housing among income levels of Presidio-based employees, a proportionate number of units have been allocated to this program. To further ensure diversity, the housing is distributed among three income levels within the Preferred Rental Program: up to 30% of the area median income, 31%-60% of the area median income and 61%-100% of the area median income. This income-based rental program furthers the Presidio Trust’s goal of creating a diverse community in the park.
Rents are equal to 30% of the household’s combined gross income. Occupancy guidelines do apply and are as follows: 50% of the adult household members must be full-time Presidio based employees and there must be at least one person per bedroom. A Presidio-based employee is someone who is employed by up to two non-residential tenant organizations, as certified by the Presidio Trust, working on a non-temporary basis at least 32 hours per week. Qualified non-residential tenants or subtenants are defined as those renting a minimum of 1,000 square feet or 501(c)(3) organizations.
The Presidio currently lacks available studio and one-bedroom apartments; therefore, two-bedroom apartments are available to single person households until smaller units are available.
Area median income levels are as follows:
# in Household
0-30% AMI
31-60% AMI
61-100% AMI
$24,651 - $49,300
$49,301 - $82,167
$28,151- $56,300
$56,301 - $93,833
$31,651 - $63,300
$63,301 - $105,500
$35,151 - $70,300
$70,301 - $117,167
$38,001 - $76,000
$76,001 - $126,667
$40,801 - $83,600
$83,601 - $136,000
Minimum rents apply and are as follows:
2-Bedroom      $616
3-Bedroom      $791
4-Bedroom      $879
*Based on HUD 2015 Income Limits (includes area adjustments)
Information is current as of March 31, 2015 and is subject to change.
Minimum rents are adjusted periodically, consistent with adjustments in published HUD AMI limits.
Public Safety Housing Program
The Public Safety Housing Program represents up to eight units for full-time, U.S. Park Police officers. Participants pay 30% of individual's gross income for rent. Units are available in the following neighborhoods:
Shared Occupancy
If an officer elects to share a unit with another eligible officer, rent will be set at 30% of the gross income of the eligible program participants. If an officer elects to share a unit with anyone ineligible for the program (excluding immediate family members), rent for that ineligible resident will be set at that resident’s proportionate share of the fair market rent for the units, as determined by the Trust or its representatives.
Occupancy Guidelines
A program unit shall not be occupied by fewer than the number of people listed below as the “Minimum” or more than the number of people listed below as the “Maximum”:
Room Count
The Letterman Apartments
We are pleased to announce to Presidio-based employees exclusively the availability of the Letterman Apartments, located on Girard Road near the Main Post.
At approximately 265 square feet, these single room occupancy units can accommodate up to two people. Rents are set at 30% of household income, with a maximum rent of $893. Includes:
  • Utilities
  • Private baths
  • Shared kitchens
  • Recreation areas, BBQ areas
  • Laundry facilities
  • One year lease
  • Sorry, no pets
Units will be offered with a preference based on household income. Households earning up to 30% of the area median income, (AMI)* have first priority for housing units. The second priority is offered to those households with incomes between 31% - 60% of AMI. Third priority is offered to those households with incomes between 61% - 100% of AMI.
AMI Percentage
1 Person
2 People
0 - 30% of AMI
31 - 60% of AMI
61 - 100% of AMI
*Based on HUD 2014 Income Limits
Information is current as of March 31, 2015, and is subject to change.
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