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Guaranteed Ride Home

Do you want to carpool, take the bus, or bike to work but are concerned about how you would get home if you became ill, had a family emergency, or were required to stay late?


The Presidio Trust Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program offers employees who use an alternate commute mode a way to get home in the event of an emergency. Whether you face a family illness or are asked to work unscheduled overtime, the program ensures that you’ll get home via taxi or rental car with minimal extra expense to you and your employer.


Who is Eligible?
Presidio employers must register for this program for their employees to be eligible. If your Presidio employer is registered and you are a full- or part-time Presidio employee who lives within 100 miles of the park, you are eligible to use the program. You must sign up with your employer and use an alternative travel mode (e.g. vanpool, bike, bus, carpool, or walking) on the day a Guaranteed Ride Home is requested.
How do I Join GRH?
The information below describes how employers and employees can join the Guaranteed Ride Home Program. If you have any questions, please contact the Presidio Trust Transportation Department at 415-561-2739.
Registration Form for Employees
Resources for Registered Employees
These instructions for how to take a Guaranteed Ride Home will be mailed to each participant upon registration. Employees that have recently used the GRH program must complete the Ride Follow-up Questionnaire before receiving a new ride voucher. If you need a ride home immediately, please see the Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) at your Presidio organization or contact the Presidio Trust Transportation Department at 415-561-2739 to inquire about the instant enrollment program.
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