Fort Winfield Scott: Reactivating a Legacy of Service

Thursday, Aug 31, 2017 Category Education; History

In the two decades since the Army closed Fort Winfield Scott, it has sat empty, awaiting further orders. It is time to reactivate Fort Scott and transform this historic campus into a hub for social innovation that will enable problem solvers from around the world to c​ome togeth​​er and forge courageous solutions for the greatest challenges of our time.

On a hilltop overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge this century-old former Army post rests in the 1,500-acre Presidio of San Francisco—a national park that ranks among the world’s most iconic landmarks. With a retreat-like environment, a legacy of military service, and a location in the heart of America’s technology sector, Fort Scott’s setting provides a symbolically rich environment for renewal, collaboration, and learning. Fort Scott is a powerful place for entrepreneurs, change makers, and innovators to call home.​​

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