Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest in the Presidio Institute Fellows Program! We hope that you choose to apply. We’ve broken our FAQs down into 4 four sections for ease of use. We will continue to update this page as we receive relevant inquiries.


1.       What are the dates for the in-person experiences for the 2018 Presidio Institute Fellows Program?

  • San Francisco: Sunday, March 26 – Wednesday, March 28, 2018
  • Washington, DC: Monday, May 21 – Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • New York City: Monday, July 23 – Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • San Francisco: Monday, September 10 – September 12, 2018

2.       What’s the curriculum for the Fellows program?

The Fellows program curriculum focuses in three areas: personal leadership development; cross sector leadership skills, and models and practices of cross sector collaboration. To learn more about this, visit: Curriculum.​

3.       What are the goals of the Presidio Institute Fellows program?

The program’s goals are that Fellows:

  • Grow in their individual leadership development; valuing, understanding, and application of cross sector leadership skills; and in their familiarity and understanding of the practice and models of cross sector collaboration.
  • Apply what they are learning to advance the work of their cross sector project.
  • Believe that all the programming is designed and delivered in a clear, logical, and engaging way.
  • Develop strong, supportive, and candid relationships with each other and with guest speakers and faculty.

4.       What’s unique about the Presidio Institute Fellows program?

There are many things that make the Fellows program a profound experience, but here are three things that make it truly unique:

    1. Cross Sector Leadership and Collaboration -  While there are many fellowships, leadership development programs, and executive education opportunities to choose from, the Presidio Institute Fellows’ program focus and curriculum is exclusively about building practitioners’ capacity to do the work of cross sector leadership and collaboration in order to solve complex problems.
    2. Practitioner Focus -  In addition to building Fellows’ capacity to practice cross sector leadership, the program supports the advancement of each Fellows’ cross sector project. As a result, for the majority of the program, the learning is framed in order to enable Fellows to learn, explore, and “try on” practices and strategies within their own cross sector projects.
    3. The Cohort -  Upon completing high school, college, or graduate school, it’s rare to be learning alongside people of widely different demographics, expertise, and industry/sector experience. The Fellowship’s intention around creating a diverse cohort is the foundation and source of much of the rich learning and relationship-building that happens throughout the program. 

5.       What is the time commitment of the Presidio Institute Fellows program?

During each of the months of the in-person Learning Experiences (March, May, July, and September), Fellows will spend three full days together. For the other months that comprise the Fellowship, they should estimate spending about 10 hours per month engaging in additional learning, reading, and networking.

6.       How can I learn more about the Presidio Institute Fellows program?

Join us for a monthly Presidio Institute Information webinar featuring a current or former Fellow! The first two webinars are scheduled as follows:

June 15, at 1 pm Pacific with Christina Garcia

2015 Fellow
Senior Program Officer, Youth
The James Irvine Foundation

Christina Garcia was appointed senior program officer for the Youth program in July 2015 where she is working to promote equitable outcomes for young people in California, with an initial focus on advancing the field of Linked Learning and adapting model elements to other sectors like higher education and/or workforce systems. Driven by her passion for social justice, equity, and multicultural models of community development, Christina has dedicated her cross-sector career to providing the critical resources that create opportunities for people who don’t have them. Christina currently serves on the Board of Directors of Mercy Housing California and the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative.

July 5, at 10 am Pacific with Jamie Horst

2015 Fellow
Director of Community Engagement
McKesson Corporation

As Director of Community Engagement and Corporate Citizenship at McKesson Corporation, a healthcare company based in San Francisco, Jamie is responsible for leading the company’s employee community engagement programs, including oversight of Regional Volunteer and Environmental Councils, technology to support the McKesson Volunteer Grants and Matching Gifts portal, and the production of the company’s annual GRI G4 corporate social responsibility report. Previously, Jamie was Senior Director of Employee Engagement at Visa Inc., where she was responsible for 47% growth in volunteer participation and the formation of financial literacy training programs around the world.

For any questions regarding future webinars, please contact Anna Sanders at asanders@presidiotr​

7.       Where can I see agendas from past in-person Learning Experiences?

Visit the Presidio Institute website page on the Fellowship – there are links to previous window agendas at the bottom of the page.

8.       Who's been through the Presidio Institute Fellows program?

Read the bios of our Alumni Fellows online!


1.       What do I need to submit in order to be considered a candidate for the 2018 Presidio Institute Fellows Program?

In order to be considered for the 2018 Presidio Institute Fellows program, candidates must submit a completed application packet which includes the following:

  1. Online application form, which includes uploading your resume and describing a cross sector project you propose to work on during the Fellowship.
  2. Online recommendation form, by someone who knows you and your work well (one recommendation is required, and up to two recommendations will be accepted).

If you want to be eligible for the Early Bird Application discount, you and your recommender must submit your materials by Monday, July 24, 2017, 11:59 pm PT.

2.       What are the deadlines to submit my application packet?

  • Early Bird Application Deadline: Monday, July 24, 2017, 11:59 pm PT.  Candidates who have submitted their completed application packet (application and recommendation) by this deadline are eligible for a discounted program fees.
  • Final Application Deadline: Monday, October 23, 2017, 11:59 pm PT.Candidates who have submitted their completed application packet (application and recommendation) by this deadline are eligible for the program paying the full fee.

3.       How do I submit my application?

You are required to complete and submit the application online. 

4.       Who should I have write my recommendation?

Someone who knows you and your work well. In our process, your recommender’s knowledge of you and your fit for the program is what matters most. There’s no real advantage to having someone with an important title, but limited knowledge of you write your recommendation. All recommendations must be submitted online using the form here.

5.       Can I submit more than one letter of recommendation?

Yes, you may submit up to two letters of recommendation.

6.       What should I do if information in my application changed and needs to be updated?

If information in your application changes, please reach out directly to Anna Sanders at and provide the new information by the application deadline. This includes anything from if your job title has changed, to if you have updated information about your financial commitment to provide. If you submitted a complete application before the Early Bird Deadline, providing updated information will not change your eligibility for Early Bird pricing.

7.       What is the Presidio Institute looking for in Fellows program candidates?

The Presidio Institute approaches the selection of candidates through a cohort-based lens. This means that we are trying to form a cohort that mirrors a cross sector collaboration and reflects the diversity of our country across a range of dimensions: sector, experience, strengths, demographics, geography, issue area. When we review individual applications, we’re looking to identify mid- to late-career professionals who have:

  • A record of professional achievement
  • Potential for further growth
  • Learning orientation
  • Interest in and commitment to cross sector leadership and collaboration
  • Capacity to contribute to the Fellowship cohort
  • Enthusiasm for the Fellowship opportunity
  • Capacity to contribute to positive impact on the problem they are trying to solve through their proposed cross sector project​

8.       How are the Fellows selected? (Or what happens after I submit my application packet?)

The Presidio Institute approaches the selection of candidates through a cohort-based lens. This means that we are trying to form a cohort that mirrors a cross sector collaboration. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve developed a multi-step process for selection:

  • All completed application packets (application and recommendation) are reviewed and scored by three members of our selection committee made up of Presidio Institute Staff, Faculty, and alums of the Fellows program.
  • Based on the application packet scores, a subset of qualified applicants move forward as finalists and are invited to participate in an interview.
  • The finalist data – from the interview and the application review stages – are then reviewed by the selection committee with a lens toward building the best cohort possible. At this stage, we do take into account sector of employment, demographics, experience, and geography.
  • Applicants are then notified as to whether they have been accepted, waitlisted, or declined for the 2018 Fellowship cohort.

9.       How long after I submit my application and recommendation will I know if I was accepted to the program?

All applicants will be notified as to whether they have been accepted, waitlisted, or declined by Friday, December 8, 2017.

10.   I've applied previously to the Fellowship program and wasn't accepted, is it worth it for me to apply again?

We think so.  We have had more than one Fellow who has had to apply twice before being accepted.


1.       What are the program fees for the 2018 Presidio Institute Fellows program?

For all sectors, Early Bird pricing (by 7/24/17) is $15,750, and Final Deadline pricing (by 10/23/17) is $17,500.

2.       What does the Presidio Institute Fellows program fee include?

  • 12 days of in-person learning in San Francisco, Washington, DC, New York City, and San Francisco, including transportation during the experience. Each experience includes 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 dinner, snacks, and at least 1 reception, as well as optional activities.
  • Additional learning, reading, and networking before and between in-person learning experiences.
  • A resource library of articles, podcasts, books, toolkits, and videos to support your learning.

3.       What doesn't the Presidio Institute Fellows program fee cover?

Please note that the program fee does not include travel to/from Fellowship Learning Experience sites, or lodging.

4.       Does the program cover travel and lodging expenses?

No, the program fees do not cover travel and lodging expenses. There is a lodging package that offers reduced.

5.       Is there a lodging package?

Yes. If accepted, a lodging package will be available to you at a very competitive rate similar to the Federal Government per diem. In previous years of the program, Fellows have indicated that staying at the lodging package hotels makes the program more enjoyable and affords more time to build connection with fellow Fellows.

For context, 2017 lodging costs for each Learning Experience were as follows:

We expect to be staying at the same hotels in 2018. We are currently unable to provide you with the exact numbers for the 2018 Lodging Package, as we are waiting for the revised per diem rates to be released by the Federal Government later this year.

6.       How have past Fellows paid for the program?

We have found that Fellows can be very creative in finding ways to fund their participation in the program-- and we encourage it! It’s a skill that serves practitioners of cross sector leadership well. While some Fellows have been fortunate to work in organizations that will support this type of investment in professional development, others have had to get more creative:

  • A Fellow pitched a number of departments in a large institution to invest in his participation, in return he provided them with trainings on what he learned.
  • A Fellow built the funding of her Fellowship into her grant budget with a funder, as she used the initiative they were funding as her cross sector project, and the Fellowship to advance the initiative.
  • A Fellow asked her organization to match her personal investment in the program fee.
  • A Fellow crowdfunded her participation in the program.

7.       Does the Presidio Institute offer scholarships?

Yes, but only partial scholarships.  The Presidio Institute Fellows program is a cohort-based experience. We aim to build a cohort of 24 individuals who reflect the diversity of our country in terms of sector, demographics, geography, and experience. We are only able to provide a limited number of partial scholarships for program fees. We do not provide full scholarships and are not able to subsidize travel or lodging. If you would like to be considered for a partial scholarship, please indicate it in the section of the candidate applications that asks about scholarships.

In the selection process, your request for a scholarship will not be considered until the very end of the process. We chose the best possible cohort and then see how many of them need scholarships, and how many we are able to provide.


1.       What is the Presidio Institute?

The Presidio Institute provides transformational experiences that inspire, empower, and enable leaders to make positive impact in their communities, across the nation, and throughout the world. The centerpiece of our curriculum focuses on building the capacity of individuals and teams to practice cross sector leadership and collaboration. To learn more, visit: Presidio Institute site.

2.       What's the relationship between the Presidio Institute and the Presidio Trust?

The Presidio Institute is an initiative of the Presidio Trust, a Congressionally-charted government agency which manages the Presidio. The Institute’s focus on cross sector collaboration was born out of the Trust’s own history of working across sectors to transform the Presidio from a decommissioned military base to a unique place of public purpose, a financially self-sufficient National Park where people can live, work, visit, learn, and play. Learn more about the Presidio Trust here: Presidio Trust site.

3.       What's the relationship between the Presidio Institute and the Presidio Graduate School?

There is no formal affiliation between the organizations. We share the word Presidio, a commitment to solving complex environmental problems, and the Graduate School’s administrative offices happen to be located on the Presidio.

4.       Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Contact Anna Sanders at with any additional questions.