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A photo of one adult and three children biking along a road.
Cyclists are welcomed on all designated “Multiuse” trails in the park. Refer to trail map (hot link to Rienick map) or “Use Type” under each Trail page for more information.  In addition, for those cyclists who prefer an in-road experience, the park offers miles of dedicated bike lanes many of which are part of the regional bike network (see map - insert link to in-road bike map). Like the trail system, in-road bike lanes are a work in progress with new improvements being added every year.
On-road cycling in the Presidio includes several regional bike routes that connect visitors to San Francisco neighborhoods, the park’s coast, bayshore and interior, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge. Presidio roads include lanes shared with vehicles as well as dedicated bike lanes. Refer to the On-Road Bicycle Map for more information.
Secure bike racks are offered at the Presidio Transit Center, as well as key locations along the trail network and at buildings that serve visitors. The PresidiGo Shuttle features bicycle racks.
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