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Adobe Wheelbarrow.jpg
Adobe Wheelbarrow
5616 x 374414956 KB
Anza Wall Stabilization.jpg
Anza Wall Stabilization
5616 x 374414037 KB
Archaeological Find.jpg
Archaeological Find
768 x 501163 KB
Christina Wallace Shows Adobe.jpg
Christina Wallace Shows Adobe
5616 x 374412573 KB
Elevator Lobby.JPG
Elevator Lobby
3648 x 27362183 KB
Enclosed Walkway Construction.JPG
Enclosed Walkway Construction
3648 x 27362151 KB
Hardie Courtyard.jpg
Hardie Courtyard
960 x 64067 KB
Mesa Room Adobe.tif
Mesa Room Adobe
3504 x 233620907 KB
Moraga Hall Construction.jpg
Moraga Hall Construction
960 x 64058 KB
Mural rehabilitation.JPG
Mural rehabilitation
5184 x 34566141 KB
Ortega Ballroom Construction.JPG
Ortega Ballroom Construction
3648 x 27362132 KB
Roof tile installation.jpg
Roof tile installation
5184 x 34567369 KB