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Tennessee Hollow Watershed
Tennessee Hollow offers visitors a rare opportunity to experience an entire watershed – from springs to San Francisco Bay – in just an afternoon hike. At 270 acres, the Presidio’s largest watershed is home to three creek tributaries, endangered plants, residential neighborhoods, forests, trails, playing fields, public art, and historic and natural treasures. So much of what is wonderful about the Presidio can be experienced here (view the self-guided tour map >>).
During two hundred years the watershed has experienced much change as creeks were buried in pipes, native trees were cleared for firewood, and later the Army planted a forest. Today, it is being transformed yet again as creeks are brought back to life, habitat is restored, trails are built, programs are expanded, and seedlings are planted by volunteers. There are many reasons to visit, so grab your hiking shoes.

Revitalizing the Watershed

A photo of two volunteers, a man and a woman, planting young plants at El Polin.

Past, Present, Future

Tennessee Hollow is the Presidio’s largest watershed and has an extraordinary natural and human history. A long-term effort is underway to revitalize the watershed, while maintaining its historic character as a place where people live and play. Read More >>

A Day in Tennessee Hollow

A photo of a trail through serpentine grassland, with historic forest in the background.


Visit Tennessee Hollow to enjoy majestic forests, soaring birds, trickling streams, public art, trails, and legacies of the past. See ideas for crafting a “day in the watershed.” Bring a picnic! Read More >>

The Heart of the Watershed

A photo of a hummingbird hovering near El Polin Spring.

El Polin Spring

With its remarkable charm, nature and history, El Polín Spring is an “outdoor classroom” welcoming school groups, birders, history buffs, and picnickers. Read More >>
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A pair of hands packing dirt around a small plant.

Drop In!

Volunteer days are held on the fourth Saturday of each month from 9 am to noon at El Polin Spring. Meet at the Presidio Transit Center.