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Goats Lend a Hand at Presidio Golf Course
A Boer goat standing in a field.
Watch with the Kids
The goats are expected to be at the Presidio through mid-August. Drop by and see if you can catch a glimpse of the fuzzy weed-eaters!
There’s one thing you can count on: goats have a healthy appetite. For the first time ever, a hungry herd is being invited to Presidio Golf Course to tame the overgrown ivy, blackberry, and hemlock that have popped up around the links.
Led by three border collies, the goats’ two week tour of duty will be spent chomping through weeds and transforming them into organic fertilizer. The more that weeds are kept under control, the more native grasses can flourish.
Where and Why?
The first stop on the culinary journey is an overgrown thicket behind the driving range. Over the years this area has become the “Bermuda triangle” for golf balls that sail over the net. Once the vegetation has been eaten back, not only can lost balls be saved, but serpentine soil will be revealed. The hope is that long-buried wildflower and grass seeds will once again sprout, and that natives such as the blue-eyed grass and checkerbloom will pop up in a few months.
Next up is a wetland area near the 4th hole, now thick with thistle and hemlock. Goats can go where weed-whackers fear to tread, improving the course in a sustainable way.
Did You Know?
The fleet of environmentally friendly, self propelled weed eaters are supplied by California Grazing, a holistic land management company that provides brush and weed control through grazing. A team of Boer Goats, known for their calm temperament, will be on the job. Boer Goats are relatively recent arrivals to the United States, having been imported from South Africa in the 1990s.
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