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Fort Scott Organic Community Garden
The Fort Scott Organic Community Garden, located behind the Kobbe Avenue neighborhood, is one of the Presidio’s hidden gems. A garden has existed here since 1915 and the land may have been used as a “Victory Garden” during World War II. Today, the Organic Community Garden is maintained by people who live and work in the Presidio and welcomes visitors to enjoy a relaxing walk among its blooming plots.
History of the Garden
Records indicate that this space was used for horticulture since at least 1915. Aerial photos from 1948 show a well-established landscape at that time including trees, a large greenhouse, a fountain, and planting beds. The garden may have been tended by the wives of Fort Scott officers who lived in the nearby Kobbe Avenue homes. The Presidio Trust is seeking additional details from anyone who lived or served at the Presidio and knows more about the garden. Email the Trust at
The Garden Today
After the Army departed the Presidio, the garden was rescued from years of neglect. It was re-established as the Fort Scott Organic Community Garden by residents and employees of the park who desired a place to grow fruits and vegetables in a common setting. The site currently features 30 plots, with plans to add a dozen more in 2012.
In recent years the garden’s long forgotten historic elements have been revealed. Stone steps and pathways probably built in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration were discovered after years of accumulated debris and weeds were removed. Much more work lies ahead to complete uncovering, restoring, and replanting this special space.
Visiting the Fort Scott Organic Community Garden
Any visitor is welcome to enjoy a walk through the Fort Scott Organic Community Garden. The site features a few benches for those who would like to bring a picnic and soak in the tranquility. Restrooms are also available. Visitors will likely see a few residents rolling up their sleeves to care for their growing fruits and vegetables.
Expanding Community Gardening in the Presidio
The Fort Scott Organic Community Garden was the park’s first. Its popularity (and lengthy waiting list) has inspired the Presidio Trust to establish other organic community gardens within the park’s residential neighborhoods. New gardens have recently been created to serve residents of South Baker Beach, West Washington, MacArthur, and the Upper Portola and Portola neighborhoods.
The gardens strive to promote interest in and knowledge of organic gardening and sustainable food production through demonstration and service. They also provide residential neighborhoods with a beautiful gathering space. Members share an interest in gardening and dedication to the cooperative spirit of the garden community.
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