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Nature and Wildlife at El Polín
A photo of a Western Fence Lizard sunning itself on a fallen branch.
Six plant communities overlap at El Polín Spring: coastal prairie, serpentine grassland, freshwater marsh, willow riparian, coastal scrub, and oak woodland. Each one provides valuable habitat for wildlife with many important microhabitats that provide shelter, nesting sites, forage, and water for a variety of wildlife species. This diversity of habitat in such a small area contributes to the ecological richness of El Polín.
Over the last decade, El Polín has been the site of a huge restoration effort made possible with volunteer support. Come out and soak up the beauty!
Wetland Plants + Wildlife
Arroyo Willow
Seep Monkeyflower
Banana Slug
Pacific Chorus Frog
Coast Garter Snake
Coastal Scrub Plants + Wildlife
Coyote Bush
Beach Strawberry
Indian Paintbrush
Western Fence Lizard
Anna’s Hummingbird
Grassland Plants + Wildlife
Purple Needle Grass
California Phacelia
Mule’s Ear
Meadow Vole
Red-Tailed Hawk
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