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Biodiversity in the Presidio



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The Presidio harbors astounding biological diversity. Since the early 1800s scientists have marveled at the variety of plants and animals living here.


The park's climate, soils, and water resources establish the conditions for the amazing plants and wildlife found here. Additionally, despite two centuries of use as a military post, the land at the Golden Gate was not developed as intensively as the surrounding urban areas.


As a result, rare plants and wildlife that have disappeared in other parts of the region have survived here. More than 350 native plant species grow at the Presidio and provide habitat for resident and migratory birds, butterflies, native bees, and mammals.

Of the Presidio’s fifteen rare and endangered plant species, five are federally listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act; all are endemic to San Francisco or the nearby counties.
The Presidio also provides habitat for disappearing neo-tropical migrating birds like Red-Throated Loons and resident wildlife like Pacific chorus frog and gray fox that are rarely seen anywhere else in San Francisco. Additionally, the water resources are some of the best natural systems remaining in the city. Lobos Creek Valley, Crissy Field marsh, Mountain Lake and El Polín Spring are valuable ecosystems.


Experience Biodiversity in the Presidio

Many habitats that have been lost in the urban San Francisco Bay Area still thrive in the Presidio. 
Explore the park's wild open spaces and discover the Presidio's rich and varied biodiversity hotspots using our new guide -  Observe Presidio Biodivesity - A Guide to the Park


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