Presidio Book Club

Saturday, Oct 21, 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM At Presidio Officers' Club Offered by:

Presidio Trust

Stacey L. Smith, Freedom’s Frontier; California and the Struggle over Unfree Labor, Emancipation, and Reconstruction (University of North Carolina Press, 2013)

 The traditional book club has been reimagined as an inclusive public program that anyone can take part in, whether or not they’ve read the book. Enjoy contextualizing remarks by Presidio Trust historian, Dr. Barbara Berglund Sokolov, and then participate in or just listen to the facilitated discussion of both the book and the general topic that follows. Think of this as part book club, part graduate seminar, part Parisian salon. This three-month series explores how Californians have understood racial and ethnic differences from 1846 to 1940 and how those understandings have been translated into law and policy. All titles are available for purchase at the Presidio Visitor Center.

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Examine the Civil War’s battle over slavery as it unfolded on the multiracial Pacific Coast. Despite its antislavery constitution, California was home to a dizzying array of bound and semi-bound labor systems: African American slavery, American Indian indenture, Latino and Chinese contract labor, and a brutal sex traffic in bound Indian and Chinese women. Discover the startling ways in which the contest over slavery's fate included a western struggle that encompassed these diverse labor systems and workers.

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