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Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer
​A plan for the environmental cleanup of Mountain Lake is being presented to the public.
Stacy Finz, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer
​Historic Pershing Hall will welcome visitors to enjoy an overnight stay.
Kelly Hackett, Bay Nature Magazine
​Bay Nature provides an overview of the history and biodiversity of the Presidio's forest.
Ken Batista, CBS (KPIX)-5 News
​Ken Bastista tours the new Inn at the Presidio on its opening day.
Gail Todd, San Francisco Chronicle
Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle
​Endangered species make a comeback at the Presidio.
John Wildermuth, San Francisco Chronicle
​A ceremony honored and remembered fallen soldiers.
Jesse McKinley, New York TimesThe New York Times enjoys a night at the historic Inn at the Presidio.6/29/2012
​The NYT enjoys a night at the Inn.
Philip Ferrato, Curbed SF
​The local blog describes options for living in the Presidio.
Carl Nolte, San Francisco Chronicle
Presidio Trust archaeologists search for the remains of one of San Francisco's oldest houses.
Marilyn Damon Diamond
​The Inn at the Presidio opens its doors to the public.
Sonja Och, San Francisco Chronicle
300 goats arrive to tame weeds at Presidio Golf Course.
Carl Nolte, San Francisco Chronicle
Imagine the Golden Gate Strait before the iconic bridge was constructed at the Before the Bridge exhibition.​
Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle
​An effort is underway to create an above-ground replica of the fort's original walls.
David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle

Scientists hoping to trace 2,000 years of history and environmental change at Mountain Lake began extracting samples of the lake's thick sediments ahead of a long-awaited dredging project.

Suzanne Perry, Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Presidio's Fort Scott is now home to the new National Center for Service and Innovative Leadership, which will develop leadership skills for people involved in volunteerism and national service.​

Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle
​The Presidio Trust and the Save the Redwoods League have partnered in a study that uses tree rings in timber beams to date the Presidio Officers' Club.
Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle
​The Presidio Trust is relocating non-native turtles and fish from Mountain Lake before cleanup work begins this fall.
Laura Flynn, KALW Public Radio
​The history of the Presidio's beloved Pet Cemetery is revealed.
Panorama Newsletter of the San Francisco Museum and Historical SocietyMurals at Fort Scott are being cleaned up and restored.1/11/2013
​Building 1216 is one of many white Mission-Revival style buildings at Fort Winfield Scott in the Presidio National Park, but what is inside is anything but ordinary.
Marilyn Damon DiamondPresidio’s Fort Scott to House New Leadership Program12/31/2012
​The National Center for Service and Innovative Leadership (NCSIL) is growing in the Presidio to advance the efforts of those working for the common good.
Renée FrojoInn at the Presidio SF Business Times story1/9/2013
​Inn at the Presidio is expanding with four more rooms in a nearby renovated historic house on Funston Avenue.
David Anderson, Golden Gate Audubon Society
Situated at the southern end of Mac-Arthur Avenue in San Francisco’s Presidio, El Polín Spring and the Upper Tennessee Hollow have recently been restored.
Suzanne Perry
​Gregory Werkheiser has worked in education, business, and government—and he’s eager to get people from all three fields talking more to each other about effective ways to run organizations.
Renée FrojoSan Francisco Business Times article on the Presidio's transformation into San Francisco's new hospitality mecca1/25/2013
​With several new accommodations, eateries, entertainment and events spaces in the works, the Presidio is transforming into San Francisco’s next hospitality mecca.
Wayne and Judy Bayliff
​The Inn at the Presidio of San Francisco is situated in one of the most fascinating vacation and ecological settings in the world.
Renee Frojo
The Trust's revenue now exceeds expenditures, and several future projects promise to bring a continued stream of new income.
SF Business Times Editorial's%20success.pdf2/15/2013
​If you want to know how far the Presidio has come in the last 20 years, it helps to remember where it started from.
San Francisco Chronicle Editorial
Further projects and challenges lie ahead. But the Presidio has met its first test in paying the bills and safeguarding an essential part of the country's history.​
Carl Nolte
​The Presidio Trust, the federal agency that runs the Presidio of San Francisco, has quietly passed a milestone.
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