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New Presidio Parklands Project
For two centuries the Presidio was a military post—the famed defender of the Golden Gate.
Since 1994 the Presidio has undergone a stunning transformation—physically and in its sense of purpose. Today, this 1,500-acre site at the center of the San Francisco Bay Area is a National Historic Landmark and a new kind of national park—a place of beauty, cultural significance, and contemporary innovation.
A portion of the highway that has cut through the Presidio for seven decades is being replaced with a below-grade roadway hidden from public view ( This creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a magnificent new landscape from which the public can view and experience the Presidio, the bay, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.
In March 2014, the Presidio Trust, in partnership with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the National Park Service, invited five internationally-renowned teams to develop design and programming visions these New Presidio Parklands in order to spark a community dialogue about the future.The teams are:
The teams' design concepts will be presented to the public on September 4, 2014. Alongside the professional design teams, the Presidio Trust is inviting the public to submit their own concepts through an open ideas competition.
To learn more about this effort, to sign up for a regularly scheduled site tour, or to share your feedback, visit the New Presidio Parklands Project website >>
Contact Noreen Hughes, Presidio Trust, at
The Presidio Trust is the lead agency for this project, directing the planning, design, and construction effort and managing community outreach and engagement. The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the non-profit partner to the Trust and the National Park Service, serves as the philanthropic and community engagement partner and supports park restoration and enhancement, education, and visitor service projects and programs. The National Park Service is engaged as the manager of the adjacent parklands at Crissy Field and as a partner in interpretation, visitor services, and programming.
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