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Coyotes in the Presidio
Reporting a Coyote Sighting or Encounter or (415) 561-4148
please report the location and time of day along with a description of the encounter)
About Coyotes in the Presidio

After a long absence, coyotes returned to the Presidio in 2002 and are now seen here regularly. Coyotes are known to roam around the region to find food and habitat in open spaces and are also seen in Marin, Golden Gate Park, Lands End, Glen Park, and other local sites.


In 2005, a wildlife specialist assessed that the open space of the Presidio could support two pairs of breeding coyotes. Given constant migration, unknown breeding success and pup dispersal, and the difficulties associated with identifying specific individuals, it is unknown how many coyotes are in the Presidio at any given time.


In 2003 the Presidio Trust began working with the Department of Fish and Game, Animal Care and Control, and the National Park Service to ensure that the Presidio coyote population remains healthy and wild and poses no threat to residents, employees, and visitors.


In 2004, in partnership with the National Park Service, the Presidio Trust developed a Wildlife Incident Response Protocol which helps us assess wildlife behavior and determine appropriate responses. Our management actions range from public education to hazing to, under very rare circumstances, eliminating a coyote who has been carefully assessed as a threat to public safety.


Community awareness is key to successful human and wildlife co-existence. Here in the Presidio we inform and involve the community by:


  • Providing a wildlife hotline and a monitoring all reported coyote observations in the Presidio (and areas adjacent to the park)
  • Educating park residents, employees, and visitors through materials and presentations
  • Installing temporary and permanent signage (with a focus on coyotes) in targeted areas of the Presidio
Please read the Coyotes in the Presidio brochure for simple steps you can take to promote harmonious co-existence with park wildlife.


2015 Pupping Season Update
We have now entered coyote pupping season, which typically runs from mid-winter through mid-summer.
Coyotes are frequently seen around the Presidio. There was a den in Presidio Golf Course last year, and dog walkers should be aware of possible dog-coyote interactions near the public gate at Park Boulevard and Washington Boulevard.
This page will be updated as new information is learned. Please keep pets on leash at all times and observe posted signage.
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Report a Coyote Sighting
T: (415) 561-4148


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