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Coyotes in the Presidio
Reporting a Coyote Sighting or Encounter or (415) 561-4449
include the location and time of day along with a description of the encounter)
About Coyotes in the Presidio 
After a long absence, coyotes have been seen regularly in the Presidio since 2002. In 2003 the Presidio Trust began working with the Department of Fish and Game, Animal Care and Control, and the National Park Service to ensure that our coyote population remains healthy and wild (i.e. posing no threat to public safety).
In 2004, in partnership with the National Park Service, the Trust developed a Wildlife Incident Response Protocol which helps us assess wildlife behavior and determine appropriate responses. We also inform and involve the community by:
  • Offering a wildlife hotline and a keeping a record of all reported coyote observations in the Presidio (and adjacent areas to park)
  • Educating park residents, employees, and visitors through materials and presentations
  • Installing temporary and permanent signage (with a focus on coyotes) in targeted areas of the Presidio
Read the Coyotes in the Presidio brochure for simple steps you can take to promote harmonious co-existence with park wildlife.
2014 Pupping Season Update
In early May two dog-coyote conflicts occurred off-trail inside Presidio Golf Course. There is likely a den near holes eight and nine. If you are a dog owner please avoid short cutting through the golf course for the safety of your pet. Please keep your pets on leash at all times. We do not believe there is any imminent human safety issue.
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