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Archaeology at the Presidio

The Presidio Trust archaeology program explores what’s beneath it all…the extraordinary historical record just under our feet. Archaeological research is part of nearly every project at the Presidio and reveals who lived here and how things changed over centuries. While archaeology studies the past, it is a lively and engaging part of the Presidio’s present. The archaeology program conducts ongoing research, hosts educational programs for school children, and offers workshops for professional archaeologists.

Get Involved

A photo of two interns with a supervisor surveying an area.


Students enrich their educational experience and develop their chosen career path.
A boy and a girl making adobe bricks.

Field Trips

During the school year, elementary and middle school groups come out for field trips.
A photo of two hands cleaning dirt from an artifact using a small metal tool.

Volunteer Opportunities

The popular archaeology volunteer program will start again when the lab formally reopens.

What We Do

A photo of a Presidio Trust archaeologist working in the Officers' Club while speaking to a reporter.

The Presidio Trust archaeology program strives to demonstrate leadership in the field of archaeology and to increase the public's understanding of our shared cultural heritage.
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 Upcoming Events

History and Archaeology
How can a 50-ton gun simply disappear? Learn this and othe...
History and Archaeology
See Fort Point by the light of candles and stars on this e...
History and Archaeology
How can a 50-ton gun simply disappear? Learn this and othe...

The Sites

Archaeology is in action at several sites around the Presidio.

The Artifacts

A sherd of clay pottery that is a red color with a black jagged design painted on it.

See the Finds

Archaeologists have recovered an amazing array of artifacts from locations throughout the Presidio.