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El Presidio de San Francisco
A black and white drawing of a French map describing locations on the Port of San Francisco.
In 1776 the Native Ohlone and Coast Miwok people witnessed the beginning of a massive transformation when several hundred Spanish colonists arrived on foot to make a new home and a large sailing ship arrived by sea to deliver their supplies. Work quickly began to build a fortified village called El Presidio de San Francisco. El Presidio and nearby Mission Dolores (created at the same time) were the first institutions built in the area that would become San Francisco. El Presidio is truly the “birthplace of San Francisco.”
Today, El Presidio, along with the nearby Officers’ Club and Archaeology Lab, form the epicenter of the park’s archaeology program. In the coming year, exciting new visitor programs will begin, and critical research will continue for years to come.

A sketch of the original El Presidio, showing the quadrangle with people walking in various areas.

Origins of the Presidio

The Presidio's roots can be traced to this fascinating historic site where Spain built its fort in 1776.
An illustration of the future El Presidio site with staff and visitors participating in an active dig.

Ongoing Discovery

The coming years promise continued discovery at El Presidio, with visitors becoming part of the process.
An historic black and white image of the exterior of the Officers' Club with soldier in uniform standing in formation out front.

Presidio Officers' Club

Long the center of military and social life at the Presidio, the Officers’ Club is being rehabilitated to support the park Heritage Program.
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