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A group of adults watch as one man digs a plot along a grid line and another man explains how to use a piece of equipment.
Prospection in Depth
Our ability to locate buried features without digging has grown steadily, but so has the technological learning curve. NCPTT's "Prospection in Depth" workshop helps professional archaeologists respond to the emerging demand for advanced training in geophysical techniques. The workshop features ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity/conductivity, gradiometry, and other key technology. Multiple instructors will teach a combination of these techniques. This course is unique because it combines ground-truthing with traditional geophysics training to emphasize data collection techniques and interpretation.
U.C. Berkeley Summer Session
U.C. Berkeley Anthropology 136e: Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage is being offered in the 2008 Summer Session and marks the third year that U.C. Berkeley has held an accredited upper division course on the Presidio. This course focuses on “New Media and Cultural Heritage,” and will highlight the real world challenge of creating interpretive walks and other installations for the public that involve wireless technology, digital geomapping, and storytelling both globally and locally at the site of El Presidio and the de Anza trail. The course involves the design, field trial, and documentation of these different formats of representation of cultural heritage places.
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