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The Alexandria Archive Institute works to provide innovative digital services for sharing research, and the Trust’s work with them provides internship opportunities at the Lab and draws on their expertise on data management standards and practices that lead to open access.
In conjunction with the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, the Trust provides training in advanced laboratory methods for their corps of volunteers that steward archaeological resources throughout California.
The Trust’s partnership with California State University, Chico has expanded its range of teaching opportunities by providing the Anthropology Department with zooarchaeological collections for student training and research.
CyArk works to digitally preserve cultural heritage sites through their state-of-the-art techniques—notably laser scanning. They have created three dimensional scans of structures and landscapes at the Presidio and together CyArk and the Trust promote the use of this digital data in heritage education.
With our Mexican colleagues at the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historia, the Trust collaborates on cross-border research projects, including colonial-era archival research and investigations on U.S./Mexico border sites associated with the Presidio’s U.S. military history.
The Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail tells the Anza story through partnerships with countless federal, state, regional, and local agencies, organizations and communities. As an annual exhibitor at Pasados del Presidio, the Anza Trail is an education partner that provides resources and opportunities for the public to learn more about the Spanish colonial experience.
Mission Dolores has always had a central place in the civic and cultural life of San Francisco and its unique historic, religious, and architectural significance makes it a destination for visitors. The Trust collaborates on education programs and outreach initiatives that aim to broaden the public’s understanding of the Spanish Colonial Era in California beyond the Mission Church.
The Presidio hosts seminars by the National Preservation Institute, a non-profit group that offers continuing education and training for professionals involved in cultural resource management, preservation law, and the stewardship of cultural heritage.
The Trust serve as a host organization for National Parks internship class in the California Studies Program at San Francisco State University and collaborates with faculty on outreach events like California Archaeology Month.
Santa Clara University is located at the site of Mission Santa Clara and has a rich history and archaeological heritage. The Trust has collaborated with them on a regional research project undertaken by the Smithsonian Institution examining the colonial production of ceramics using existing collections.
The Anthropological Studies Center at Sonoma State University is a leader in cultural resource management, houses archaeological collections for continued research, and creatively interprets archaeology and history to the public. The Trust collaborates with them on resource management, education, and public interpretation.
The Archaeological Research Facility at the University of California at Berkeley encourages and carries out archaeological field and laboratory research conducted by U.C. Berkeley archaeologists and related specialists. The Trust collaborates with them on education programs and outreach initiatives that help learners of all ages develop skills to think critically about the past.
The YMCA of San Francisco builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities by offering programs that benefit people of all ages, origins, and socio-economic levels. The Trust partners with them to offer summer and winter camps as well as after school programs for students from diverse neighborhood YMCAs.
The Cabrillo College Archaeological Technology Program was designed to provide students with the skills and practical knowledge to work as archaeological technicians. The Trust’s partnership with them has brought students to the Presidio for several summers of field work.
The California Department of Parks and Recreation provides professional advice and review for the Trust’s research, publication, and heritage management practices, in addition to making available comparative collections from around the state.
The Trust has collaborated with Cultural Heritage Imaging, a leader in developing practical digital techniques to document cultural heritage, in the Trust’s university and professional level education programs in heritage research and management.
Expanding Your Horizons is a national network of professional women who organize conferences for middle school girls encouraging them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. In cooperation with San Francisco State University the professional women of the Lab lead hands-on workshops at the conference to share the possibilities of studying and finding a career in archaeology with middle school age girls of the Bay Area.
The Trust is a host organization for the U.S. International Council on Monuments and Sites’ annual international exchange program for heritage professionals and has hosted scholars from: Scotland, the Philippines, Argentina, Bulgaria, Spain, and Australia.
The Spanish Colonial descendant organization Los Californianos is a partner for events such as Pasados del Presidio commemorating the founding of the Presidio. They also provide scholarly advice on Hispanic Californian history and heritage issues.
The National Park Service’s National Center for Preservation Training and Technology seeks to foster and develop technological innovations and applications that enhance the preservation of archaeological sites, landscapes, materials, and collections and through partnership with the Lab engages the Presidio as an indoor/outdoor classroom for professional level heritage education.
Oregon Public Broadcasting is an innovative producer of public programming and through the Trust’s partnership we have collaborated on programs like America’s History in the Making, an educational video and accompanying course curriculum freely downloadable for middle and high school teachers nationwide.
The Trust’s field trip programs welcome students from San Francisco Unified School District, and rely on the input and expertise of teacher feedback to strengthen their content. The Trust is also beginning to host professional development workshops that bring teachers to the Presidio to further their understanding of the Spanish Colonial period in California history.
In collaboration with educational, nonprofit and governmental organizations, the Shaw Fund supports hands-on education for K-12 students in the San Francisco. In 2006, a generous grant from the Shaw Fund supported the launch of the Presidio Archaeology Education Initiative.
The Stanford Archaeology Center at Stanford University facilitates and encourages innovative collaborative research in archaeology that has a global reach. The Trust collaborates with them on excavation, field schools, and collections based research projects at the Presidio of San Francisco.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provides technical assistance in the preservation, storage, and management of archaeological materials and associated documentation, and they advise the Trust on curation, NAGPRA evaluation, and new facility planning.
Presidio Trust Archaeology Department staff members maintain affiliations with the following professional organizations:
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