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Preservation + Interpretation
A photo of the preserved foundation of El Presidio on the Main Post with interpretative signage around it.

To ensure that Presidio archaeological sites remain intact for centuries to come and that future generations appreciate their significance.


It is through a rare combination of environmental factors and luck that an object dropped by someone hundreds or even thousands of years ago would remain in place, be buried, and when combined with other objects and features become a significant archaeological site. The location where archaeological information is most meaningful, and best shared, is the place where it was found.


Preserving archaeological sites is critical to maintaining the Presidio’s National Historic Landmark District status. The Presidio Trust works to:

  • Redesign construction or utility projects that would otherwise remove artifacts or features from their original placement
  • Monitor the environmental conditions of vulnerable sites
  • Design landscapes that protect artifacts below the ground
  • Reintroduce features that evoke a sense of the past
  • Create materials and programs that help visitors appreciate archaeological sites
Funston Officers' Quarters
Half of these Civil War cottages were built on the moldering remains of El Presidio. In 2007 the landscape was redesigned to minimize impacts from necessary utility upgrades, eliminate or reduce irrigation, and deter burrowing rodents so that buried features and artifacts would be preserved in place.
Adobe Officers' Club Initiative
In 2005 the program initiated a comprehensive condition assessment and evaluation by structural engineers of the adobe walls and associated building systems to understand the current state of the adobe and plan for the long term preservation of the Presidio's oldest building.
1780 Chapel Landscape
Newly laid foundations trace the archaeology buried below ground at the site of the Presidio's Spanish Colonial chapel. These landscape elements help the public imagine the buildings that once stood on this site and facilitate interpretation of the activities of daily life that took place here in the past.
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