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Education + Outreach
A photo of an archaeologist explaining a dig site at El Polin Spring divided into a grid to a group of children.
To engage the community through archaeology programs that create active citizens, critical thinkers, and park stewards.
To an archaeologist, fingertip smudges on the exterior glass of an exhibit case are the human markings of curiosity—evidence of someone's desire to touch the objects inside and connect to the past. People are fascinated by what archaeologists find; they are also intrigued by the process of archaeology itself.
Through educational and outreach programs that encourage the public to investigate the past, form interpretations, and engage in dialogue, the Presidio Archaeology Program is breaking the barrier between artifact and audience, scholar and citizen, past and present.
Our educational programs spark curiosity about the past, broaden understanding about history, and promote stewardship into the future by connecting community members to this place, its past and our shared cultural heritage. We also form collaborative partnerships with outside organizations and community groups.
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Presidio Archaeology Lab
(a program of the Presidio Trust)
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