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Curation + Exhibition
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To care for Presidio artifacts and data and promote their continued relevancy and accessibility, providing a tangible connection to the past.
Artifact. The word conjures images of discovery and treasure. Yet artifacts and their significance in the archaeological process are far more complex than this. As tangible, physical connections to our past, artifacts are equally capable of providing crucial data about human history and evoking emotional responses to our shared heritage. Preserving and making them accessible, along with the notes, drawings and reports generated by excavations, is a central part of work at the Presidio.
Even after they have been excavated, analyzed, and reported, archaeological collections from federal lands must be preserved in perpetuity. The Presidio Trust operates a comprehensive curation program that provides the highest standard of collections care.
The program also provides public access to and use of the collections. Archaeological collections are integrated into a wide variety of activities, including ongoing research and education programs, and are interpreted and exhibited so the public can engage with them — and by extension the whole of the Presidio's history — in meaningful and exciting ways.



Archaeological Collections Management Policy
This document will provide guidelines for the curation and management of archaeological collections cared for by the lab, in keeping with federal regulations and best practices from the museum profession.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Facilities Assessment
In this 2005 study, the Army Corps described the lab facility and staff and evaluated potential locations for a facility. The results have informed planning efforts to improve both our physical facility and our

Ceramics in California Exhibit at SF MOMA
Tejas and ladrillos (roof and floor tile, respectively) from El Presidio de San Francisco were included in SF MOMA's comprehensive exhibit in 2001 tracing the history of ceramic production in California.


Portable Exhibits for Cultural Stewardship Training
The Archaeology Program maintains several portable exhibits displaying a range of typical artifacts recovered in the course of rehabilitation work that are used to educate construction and maintenance crews. 

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