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Tennessee Hollow Watershed Planning
A photo of several crouching volunteers at work in the Tennessee Hollow Watershed.


At 270 acres, Tennessee Hollow is the Presidio’s largest watershed. Its spring-fed tributaries once provided a year-round fresh water source for native people and colonial settlers. Though mainly hidden today beneath roadways and storm drains, the flow of the creek persists, providing an oasis for wildlife. Tennessee Hollow is framed by historic Presidio neighborhoods, and its forests, trails, and playing fields welcome the community. It provides visitors with a rare opportunity to experience an entire watershed – from springs to San Francisco Bay – in just an afternoon hike.


In 2008, the Presidio Trust completed the Environmental Assessment (EA) (with Response to Public Comment and Final Finding of No Significant Impact) for the Tennessee Hollow Upper Watershed Revitalization Project. The EA outlines plans for restoring creek and wildlife habitat, creating new trails, establishing stewardship and outdoor education opportunities, reorganizing and upgrading playing fields, and welcoming the public to explore the watershed’s rich history. Army-era landfills are also being addressed as part of the Presidio’s environmental remediation program.


Learn more about ongoing activities in Tennessee Hollow.

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