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Training in Historic Preservation
A photo of a dozen people at a preservation training event; the speaker is seated on a wooden platform overlooking the crowd.
Sharing the knowledge acquired from the work undertaken here – and learning from others – is a key component of the Presidio Trust’s historic preservation effort.
During any given year, as many as 200 professionals and many students attend workshops, classes, seminars or lectures in historic preservation, archaeology, and other related topics at the Presidio.  Because the Presidio is a “living laboratory” of historic preservation practice, projects here can often be used to illustrate subject matter, providing real-life examples that enliven these efforts. The Trust partners with national, statewide, and local preservation organizations to sponsor many of these events. Trust staff also develops and deploys original curricula based on Presidio-specific topics or projects.
If you or your organization is interested in working with the Presidio Trust on an education program related to historic preservation or cultural resources, please contact the Trust at
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