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Open Space Restoration
The dramatic transformation of the Presidio’s beautiful and varied landscapes is underway. Through the combined vision and energy of community volunteers and park staff, more than 20 percent of the Presidio’s 1,500 acres have been rehabilitated over the past decade.
The aging forest is being replanted acre by acre. Streams once buried in underground channels are being “daylighted” to create habitat for birds and other wildlife. Army-era landfills, a combined 350,000 tons of waste, have been removed, allowing natural areas, cultural landscapes, and recreational areas to be improved. Acres of asphalt have been replaced with lawns and gardens, inviting people to enjoy the park's peace and beauty.
The Presidio’s landscapes tell a story of national service. In 2011 more than 7,668 community volunteers gave 80,486 hours to the Presidio – more than at any other national park site.

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A hummingbird hovering beside the pink flowers of a bottlebrush tree.

See the Transformation

Enjoy short You Tube videos featuring the unfolding transformation of the Presidio's great outdoors. Read More >>

 Preservation To Date

Over the past decade the Presidio Trust, its partners, and community volunteers have:​


* Completed five years of pilot projects to restore and sustain the historic forest and native plant communities
* pruned nearly 1,000 trees to mitigate hazards and extend their lifespan
* revitalized 25 acres of declining forest and planted 3,500 trees
* improved 170 acres of remnant natural areas
* increased natural areas from 23 acres to more than 260 acres
* increased the populations of the endangered Presidio clarkia and San Francisco lessingia
* helped relocate the endangered franciscan manzanita to safe harbor in the Presidio (see Video)
* completed inventories for birds, mammals, herpetofauna, beetles, bees, and spiders
* restored all of the Presidio’s historic neighborhoods

Restoration Practice Areas

A photo of young cypress trees growing in front of a grove of historic cypress trees, shrouded in fog.

The Presidio Forest

The aging forest has been rejuvenated with more than 3,500 young trees.
Three children standing on the shore of Mountain Lake, where ducks and geese are swimming.

Riparian Areas

Park staff and volunteers are restoring the park's natural flows and riparian habitats.
A photo of dunes behind the Public Health Service Hospital, near the Mountain Lake Trail and Marine Cemetery Vista.

Dune + Serpentine Areas

Dune and serpentine provide rare - and beautiful - habitat.

A photo of the historic Wyman Avenue streetscape with the restored landscape in front.

Domestic Landscapes

Lawns and gardens around homes speak to domestic life in the park.
A photo of the Main Parade Ground looking southwest uphill with the Montgomery Street Barracks in the background.

Ceremonial Landscapes

The Presidio has a tradition of beautiful formal landscapes, including the Main Parade Ground.
A photo of many young boys playing soccer at Julius Kahn Field.

Recreational Spaces

The Presidio is home to playgrounds, trails, a campground, and a golf course.


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A photo of five men and women pulling weeds from a hillside on a foggy day.

Join the Team

Volunteers sustain and transform the Presidio by planting seeds, maintaining trails, and more.